Who Killed Captain Alex, is an amazing ultra-low budget action comedy screenplay, produced in Uganda, directed by Nabwana Isaac Geoffrey Godfre. The trailer of the movie was uploaded on YouTube, watched by more than 3 million viewers. It was shot on a very minimal scale which didn’t let it gain deserved viewership. However, the question remained the same in the plot that, Who killed Captain Alex?

Plot of the Film Who killed Captain Alex?

Captain Alex, a standout amongst the most improved officers in the Uganda People’s Defense Force, is conveyed to wreck the suspiciousness Richard and his Tiger Mafia, a wrongdoing association that controls the city of Kampala from the shadows. After Captain Alex catches Richard’s sibling amid a commando mission in Wakaliga, losing endless men simultaneously, Richard sets out for retribution. He sends a female government operative to the military camp and lure Captain Alex for the Tiger Mafia to catch him. Soon thereafter, a shout is contracted when a notification from the tent was heard, Captain Alex is discovered dead, however no one is certain who thrashed him. The plot revolves around the question, Who Killed Captain Alex?who-killed-captain-alex

Subsequent to getting into a battle with close-by sanctuary military specialists, the brother of Captain Alex (Bruce) meets the sanctuary’s lord. Bruce U frantically asks the ace to help him on his central goal for retribution, however the ace cannot, saying that hand to hand fighting ought not be utilized for retaliation and anger, yet rather for keeping up a solid way of life. Bruce U leaves in disappointment, with the ace giving him a suggestion to get cake their next gathering. Subsequent to going through the night in a tree, Bruce U awakens and starts his preparation schedule. In the wake of beginning up a flame to cook some fish, he finds a lady in the grass. The lady is obviously named Ritah, one of Richard’s spouses who has lost her memory subsequent to being shot by Richard.


The UPDF, presently denied of a pioneer as great as Alex, battles to detail a catch plan for Richard. In any case, in the wake of investigating a guide of Uganda, they discover a wilderness zone that connects to the presumed distribution center that Richard is at present stowing away in. In the interim, Richard tells Puffs, his subordinate from Russia, to take a helicopter from the military and bomb Kampala. As Puffs unleashes ruin on Kampala with the helicopter, Bruce U is caught by the Tiger Mafia. Presently in the distribution center, Bruce U gets himself up close and personal with Richard, who directions Puffs’ professional killers to assault Bruce U and battle him one on one. Bruce U be that as it may, challenges every one of them on the double until he is overpowered by one of the professional killers’ kickboxing style. Just at the last possible second be that as it may, the military surrounds the distribution center and powers the Tiger mafia to clear. After the Ugandan military tracks down Richard, an activity succession follows including various helicopters, horde blasts, and a huge body check. Following an all-inclusive snare, a chain response executes Puffs and overpowers Richard to the point where he is injured and arrested, while swearing retribution in the continuation. At last, in any case, as the administration places Uganda under military law, nobody realizes Who killed Captain Alex. Hence, the viewers, now need to wait for the sequel to further get into the interesting plot. And of course, who so ever wants to know that Who Killed Captain Alex?, would definitely watch the sequel.

Watch Complete Move :Who Killed Captain Alex”

  • The Cast List for “Who Killed Captain Alex
  •  Kakule William as Captain Alex
     Sseruyna Ernest as Richard
     Bukenya Charles as Captain Alex’s brother/Bruce U
     Nakyambadde Prossy as Ritah
     Faizat Muhammed as Natasha
     G. Puffs as Puffs
     Kaggwa Bonny as Minister
     Babirye Ssekweyama as Vicky
     Bisaso Dauda as Rock
     Musisi David as Tom
     Ssebanja Ivan as Master
     VJ Emmie as “Video Joker” (voice only)

 Who Killed Captain Alex Production

The film Who killed Captain Alex? was delivered on an expected US$200 budget. Production started in late 2009 in the ghettos of Nateete. Producer Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana (nicknamed Nabwana IGG) was roused by his adoration for Hollywood activity motion pictures and combative techniques films from childhood. The helicopter scenes in the film depended on Nabwana’s encounters amid the Ugandan Bush War where he and his sibling were pursued by a helicopter. Nabwana shot the film in January 2010 and altered it utilizing a PC he amassed from old parts. The film’s props and camera hardware were manufactured from scrap metal at a machine shop by Nabwana’s home. The on-screen characters provided their very own ensembles; one of them was given a veil so he could assume two unique jobs in a similar scene. Squibs used to recreate discharge wounds were produced using condoms loaded up with red nourishment shading and attached to angling lines before being taped to the performers’ chests; Nabwana recently utilized dairy animals’ blood, however was compelled to end it after one of his on-screen characters created tetanus. a panpipes front of the Seal tune “Kiss from a Rose” can be observed throughout the entire movie.

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