Adele Weight Loss Secret Has Been Revealed

Adele’s slimmer presence hasn’t gone unnoticed by her legions of fans around the world over the years, and she appears to be in the best shape of her career.

We all remember Adele from her performance on Saturday Night Live last year, but the singer has also wowed fans on Instagram with images showing her impressive weight loss. Adele, who has always looked stunning, officially started losing weight before embarking on her 13-month ’25’ album tour in 2016, but her transformation was only made public last year. The ‘Hello’ singer shared a make-up-free selfie on Instagram, and the media soon noticed her beautiful change. Pete Geracimo, her tour’s trainer, responded to the rumors about her weight loss on Instagram shortly after.

‘When Adele and I began our journey together, it was never about being super skinny,’ he wrote in the post. It was all about getting her back on track, especially after pregnancy or surgery. ‘When 25 was released, and the tour was revealed, we had to prepare for a 13-month marathon. During that time, she became more receptive to training and making healthier food decisions. As a result, she lost a lot of weight and received a lot of popularity.’

This Is Adele’s Current Weight Loss Journey…

Adele’s most recent performance was in October of last year on Saturday Night Live. She used the occasion to make a joke about her weight loss for the first time.

Adele Weight Loss Story

The singer told the crowd, “I know I look very, really different since you last saw me,” referring to her last live public performance as a headliner at Glastonbury Festival. “However, due to all of the Covid-19 constraints… I had to fly light and could only hold half of myself, so I chose this half.”

She also said that singing and hosting the show at the same time was out because she was “too afraid,” and her new music was still in the works at the same set. “I’d rather just put on some wigs, have a glass of wine or six, and see what happens,” she said instead. Adele’s last Instagram post was for her LA pal Nicole Richie’s birthday, where she gave fans another sneak peek at her slimmer self, which attracted a whopping 5 million viewers.

Nicole jumped out at the Grammy winner, born in Tottenham, as they were messing around in the kitchen. “Happy belated birthday to my regular dose of grace @nicolerichie,” the caption reads. We adore you to the moon and back, babes, so keep making us laugh.”

Adele, who divorced her husband Simon Konecki last year, also posted a series of sweet pictures to commemorate her friend’s special day, despite appearing notably petite in the photos. Adele wore a Jamaican flag top and leggings to the Notting Hill Carnival last August bank holiday weekend, usually London’s Notting Hill Carnival outside of the pandemic. She was gorgeous! Despite some controversy, she wished her “beloved London” well, even though the festivities were canceled this year.

On August 1, she shared this photo while watching her pal Beyonce perform in her latest music video for “Already.” She also celebrated her 32nd birthday with another beautiful photograph. The actress, dressed in a black mini dress, thanked “important staff” during the coronavirus pandemic and those who wished her a happy birthday.

And doesn’t she look stunning? Adele’s weight loss was gradual. Since 2010, the singer has undergone an image makeover, and her latest look is a million miles away from her debut in the music industry.

The Weight-Loss Journey of Adele

Adele has lost an astounding 7st in total throughout her music career, according to experts. Many fans wanted the singer to focus her time after announcing her three-year separation from her husband in April 2019 on releasing one of her signature emotional ballads.

Instead, the singer emerged, looking more svelte than ever, admitting that she had begun a new diet regimen to improve her health and keep her voice in top shape. The beautiful actress has been photographed with fresh, lighter hair and a slimmer figure. Even though the singer is in the best form of her life, she acknowledges that the “Adele diet “program can be “boring” at times.

She told Australia’s 60 Minutes, “It’s dull, but I don’t think you take your voice seriously until you’ve had an accident,” referring to her 2011 vocal hemorrhage.

“I’m still worried that I’m going to hurt my voice.”

How Did Adele Manage to Slim Down?

Adele attributes her dramatic weight loss to the Sirt Food diet and training with a personal trainer. But it was Adele’s diet plan, which eliminated toxic and processed foods and beverages, that helped her to see real results. Caffeine, tobacco, cigarettes, and all “spicy, citrusy, and tangy” foods were all eliminated from the singer’s diet, along with ten regular cups of tea (with two spoon-full of sugar in each!).

Adele shared her weight loss with Vogue magazine in 2016. She acknowledged that she had begun to make some lifestyle adjustments and that she was reaping the rewards. She said, “I was trying to gain some energy for my tour, so I lost a little weight.” “Now I can wear regular, off-the-rack clothing, which is a huge problem for me!”

So, what lifestyle changes did the actress make to accomplish her transformation? We look into it.

Adele’s Dietary Habits

The Sirt Food Diet focuses on foods rich in ‘Sirtuin activators,’ a quality that is said to suppress appetite and help control how our bodies absorb fat and sugar.

Adele’s diet, which was suggested by Pete Geracimo, the personal trainer who formulated her workout plan, would have included kale, buckwheat, cocoa powder, and turmeric, as well as plenty of green tea.

What is the Sirt Food Diet, and how does it work? And if you drink red wine and eat cookies, you will still lose weight!

According to reports, the diet also includes a lot of green juice, particularly at the start. It also limits you to 1,000 calories a day. “The first week is hard, green juices and just 1,000 calories,” her former personal trainer Camila Goodies said. She doesn’t seem to be underweight – she looks fantastic.”

The Sirt Food Diet, luckily for Adele and those attempting to duplicate her results, also includes cheese and red wine. Adele’s diet plan appeals to us!

Pilates Reformer

According to the Sun, the Hello singer has started reformer Pilates to improve her body, which has resulted in her recent weight loss. And she’s not the only star who swears by the workout – Meghan Markle is said to be a fan as well! The musician attends Pilates classes with close friend Ayda Field, X Factor judge and wife of singer Robbie Williams, to promote her workouts.

Reformer Pilates entails performing Pilates movements on select devices and is said to help with posture, flexibility, and balance, as well as weight loss.

Workouts At The Gym

You’ve just read about Adele’s PT, and while she’s been working hard, you’ll be relieved to learn that, like us, she has days when her mood is less than enthusiastic.

“I mainly moan,” the star previously told Rolling Stone magazine about her workout sessions. I’m not going to the gym; it does not appeal to me; however, I love lifting weights. I hate gazing at myself in the mirror.”

She’s also taken to Instagram to show her 31.8 million followers a behind-the-scenes shot of her pumping iron.

Heavy lifting, according to the North London artist, can be detrimental to her complexion. “Blood vessels on my face quickly burst, so I’m cautious not to let them burst in my face when I’m lifting weights. You’ll find me back at the Chinese if I don’t go on tour.”

A girl who is just like us!

Concentrating On Health And Happiness

Adele has gone through a significant weight loss journey, but we admire her for prioritizing happiness over appearances.

She’s known for speaking her mind and has previously been praised as a body-positive role model, saying, “I think the trick is to first and foremost be comfortable with yourself, no matter what you look like.”

“After that, if you want to continue to change things about yourself that you don’t like, do so after you respect yourself.”

The self-help book gave her “peace, happiness, and independence.”

Adele recently credited Glennon Doyle’s book Untamed with helping her change her life following her incredible seven-stone weight loss.

‘If you’re ready – this book will shake your brain and make your soul scream,’ she wrote on Instagram to her 38.5 million followers. After reading this novel, I feel so prepared for myself! It’s as if I’ve just landed for the first time in my body. What a relief! Do so if you can genuinely let go and give into yourself, even if you have a strong desire to hold on for dear life. It’s worth a read. It is to be lived. It’s something you can practice.

‘We are a lot!’ she continued. But we’re supposed to be a lot of things!… “A healthy life is a hard life!” Read this book and make notes with a highlighter because you may want to refer back to it; believe me! I had no idea I was solely responsible for my happiness, joy, and independence!! Who would have guessed that our emancipation liberates those around us? That’s because I didn’t!! As a Disney character, I thought we were supposed to be stressed and chaotic, confused and selfless! Found by ProBloodyFound!! Glennon, you’re a total badass.’

Adele has been documenting her ongoing weight loss journey over the last few years by only posting pictures on her Instagram account. Still, fans of the Grammy-winning songstress haven’t seen her on television in over a decade. That all changed on October 24, when Adele hosted NBC’s Saturday Night Live, where her new figure could no longer be overlooked — even the singer herself took the opportunity to speak with the audience about her weight loss.

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“I know I look different since you last saw me,” Adele admitted in the opening monologue of the show, opting to make fun of her new figure with another joke. “However, due to all of the COVID limitations and travel bans, I had to travel light and just carry half of myself — which is the half I wanted.”

Although Adele didn’t detail during her appearance, previous rumors have suggested that her weight loss may be attributed to an under-the-radar diet plan called the Sirt Food Diet, intended to boost your metabolism.

This is Instagram material that has been imported. You may find the same information in a different format, or more information, on their website.

Adele hired a personal trainer in 2019 to help her get into a new workout regimen, according to People, but sources have long attributed her weight loss to the diet. According to The Sun, she’s lost 40 pounds by adopting a regimen over the last four years. And she’s not the only Brit who swears by it: the Duchess of Cambridge’s sister, Pippa Middleton, is said to have tried the Sirt Food Diet as well.

Although it may aid weight loss, dieters may be shocked to learn that experts are divided on the Sirt food Diet’s long-term effectiveness. Here’s why nutritionists are skeptical of the Sirt food Diet in the first place and how you can incorporate the best aspects of it into your lifestyle.

What Is The Sirt Food Diet, And How Does It Work?

Believe it or not, two U.K.-based nutritionists, Aidan Goggins and Glen Matten, launched this very controversial diet program after publishing a recipe book of the same name in 2016. According to the book, the diet is thriving because it switches on the “skinny gene” by relying on staples high in Sirtuin s, a subset of plant-based proteins found in some foods and naturally in the body. According to a 2013 review published in the Annual Review of Physiology, increased Sirtuin  levels in the body can help jumpstart your metabolism and reduce inflammation and has been highlighted for its anti-aging properties. “In general, foods high in Sirtuin  — a gene that can aid with weight loss — such as apples, blueberries, and extra virgin olive oil can be beneficial,” says Tracy Lockwood Beckerman, RD, author of The Better Period Food Solution. In the diet plan, foods rich in Sirtuin s have been dubbed “soft foods.”

What Foods Are Allowed On The SIRT FOOD Diet?

The diet program is focused on a meal plan that is curated to be full of Sirt foods, but low in total calorie counts, as mentioned in The Official Sirt Food Diet. According to the New York Post, one of the book’s writers says that it will help you lose seven pounds in a week. However, the book’s meal plan is rigorous: for the first three days, dieters are only allowed to eat 1,000 calories a day, which consists of a single meal and two green juices. Dieters will enjoy 1,500-calorie meal plans for four days, often split into two meals later in the first week.

The rest of the curriculum instructs dieters to prepare meals rich in Sirt foods. And little else. Many different produce products are illustrated in the diet, including kale, strawberries, onions, parsley, arugula, blueberries, and capers. Buckwheat and walnuts, as well as spices like turmeric, are recommended. Coffee, matcha green tea, and red wine, for example, are welcomed, as is a firm reliance on 85 percent dark chocolate.

This is Twitter material that has been imported. You may find the same information in a different format, or more information, on their website.

Is the Sirt Food Diet beneficial to your health?

Many health experts condemn the Sirt Food Diet for being too restrictive, so if the diet’s list of celebrated ingredients seems a little short, you’re not alone. Because of the stringent calorie limits, Beckerman says she has never prescribed the Sirt Food Diet to her clients. “While I applaud the Sirt Food Diet for encouraging the consumption of whole foods, I condemn it for encouraging calorie restriction and unhealthy eating habits.” The Sirt Food Diet, like many other diets that exclude food groups from daily consumption, contributes to “disordered eating,” according to Beckerman since it incorporates elements from intermittent fasting plans into the mix.

McKenzie Caldwell, MPH, RDN, a nutritionist specializing in women’s nutrition and pregnancy nutritional health, says the diet’s calorie counts are of the worst standard. According to the Mayo Clinic’s latest dietary recommendations, “1,000 calories a day is only suitable for a child between the ages of 2 and 4.” “Not only is this insufficient energy to sustain an adult body, but it is also impossible to provide all of the macro-and micronutrients that an adult requires in such a small amount of food… Because of the caloric restriction, the diet can cause weight loss in the short term.”

Most significantly, all nutrition experts believe that there is little or no scientific evidence to support this diet’s ability to help people lose weight long-term. “There is no evidence to support any arguments that the Sirt Food Diet helps people safely lose weight,” Beckerman says. “The diet’s founders claim to have placed dieters on a diet at their gym, but this anecdotal “study” has never been published or confirmed by true researchers or scientists.”


The Sirt Food Diet, like Keto and Whole30, asks you to eat differently by telling you to miss meals. While most diets have some calorie restriction, Caldwell says it’s essential to think about your lifestyle and what you need during the day. “The truth is, there’s nothing magical about Sirt foods in particular — they’re high in polyphenols, so they have anti-inflammatory properties, but there’s no evidence that they help with weight loss.”

If you’re serious about trying the Sirt Food Diet, start by adding more of the diet’s signature staples into what you’re already eating. “Adding polyphenol-rich foods, such as those on the Sirt food list, in your diet can help prevent or reduce inflammatory diseases like cardiovascular disease,” she suggests. “Opt for incorporating antioxidant-rich foods to your eating pattern in a way you enjoy rather than the initial restrictive measures and recommended green juices.”

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