Wearing Red To A Wedding


So you have been invited to your wedding and you are stressing out on how to assemble get at the place. What to present the happy bunch, and above all, what to wear. How about wearing red to wedding?. Deciding on proper wedding guest dress can be comparable when crossing a minefield – one incorrect move can lead to an awkward situation.

You’ve a great deal to consider such as: The wedding color scheme, the dress code, what the mother of the bride is wearing, what is going to be comfy to wear daily, and, above all, what you would like to wear and feel your best in.

A wedding invitation came in the mail you’ve been invited to your wedding. While it is a pleasure to partake from the couple’s wedding day and celebrate with them. Attending a marriage requires a great deal of effort also from picking a suitable wedding present, booking a resort, and more importantly, selecting your own outfit.

With regards to what to wear to your wedding, you’ve a lot to consider: color scheme, designs, price, etc. With respect to the color scheme, we have found that lots of individuals are contemplating wearing red at weddings and we may definitely understand why! It is dazzling, romantic, and tasteful color. And additionally, it is a lucky color in Chinese civilization.

So wearing red at a wedding should be good option, right? . Well, not necessarily!


If you’re attending a Chinese wedding, wearing red isn’t recommended in most cases. Whilst the color red is auspicious in Chinese civilization. Naturally, many individuals might think that it is completely acceptable to wear it to some celebratory occasion.

But weddings are an exception. Wearing red at a Chinese wedding might offend the few, particularly if you’re thinking of wearing a red qipao. The color red represents luck and happiness in Chinese civilization.

Therefore, in Chinese weddings, the bride usually wears a traditional Chinese wedding gown like a red qipao or qun kwa with gold and silver embroidery. In many modern Asian American weddings, the bride will wear a white wedding gown like their ceremony dress. And traditional Chinese wedding gown in their reception or tea ceremony. Consequently, there’s an unspoken rule that a red qipao is exclusive to the bride. As a guest, you would not wish to be mistaken as the bride, which might be offensive.

Obviously, if the pair expressly requests that their guests wear red to deliver them more luck and joy, then you’re more than welcome to wear red because of their wedding.

Nevertheless, it is still appropriate to incorporate hints of the color red into your outfit. As an example, you may choose to wear red jewelry to subtly complement your dress. In this manner, you are able to show your respect to the bride and deliver the newlyweds additional good luck.

Fashion Editors Weigh In On Wearing Red To A Wedding:


Wearing Red To A Wedding-Ashley Kiely

I think that all colors are ok to use unless the couple has noted otherwise. That said, with regards to eye catching shades like red, I think it is better to go for a more minimal silhouette so that you do not take any attention away from the happy couple. Ashley Kiely, Freelance Fashion Writer and Editor.


Wearing Red To A Wedding-Allyson Payer:

Personally, I avoid wearing red at weddings since I do not want to wear anything that is even borderline controversial as a guest, just in case anyone feels strongly about it. It depends upon the dress as well. If you simply love red and wish to wear it, I do not think something similar to this is going to offend anyone. As a former bride, I did not notice if anyone wore red at my wedding, and that I would not have cared if they did. Allyson Payer, Who What Employ Fashion Editor.


Wearing Red To A Wedding-Laura Lajiness:

Before I understood There were rules about wearing red, I wore the hue to a friend’s wedding lacked controversy. In fact, the bride applauded my dress of choice. As with black, I think the rules have basically faded off when it comes to red. So long as the silhouette is elegant, I think it is okay for wedding guests to give the hue a go. In addition to, the color flatters most skin tones and is much more versatile than other bright shades. Laura Lajiness, Popsugar Senior Fashion Editor.


Wearing Red To A Wedding-Hannah Baxter:

In my view, you need to pay more attention to the silhouette of the dress as opposed to the colour. That is not to mention you can wear white, as you do not want to compete with the bride. But otherwise, I’m quite proficient wearing red to a wedding. Just use your best judgment and maybe leave the fire engine red bandage dress at home in favor of a crimson look that is suitable for the suggested attire. Hannah Baxter, Coveter Senior Beauty Editor.

A Bridal Designer Weighs In:


I thinks weddings are moving away from the traditional faux pas and expectations. They’re becoming more about the memories and experience of the weekend shared with family and friends than a cookie cutter checklist.
First, couples want their guests to feel comfortable and feel like themselves. If guests wish to wear red, they must wear red. I do not think it can take attention away from the bride. Red represents love and passion. It’s such a broad palette. Going into late autumn and winter, there are darker shades of red which are complex and seasonally special.” Meredith Stoecklein, Creator and Designer of Lein.

The Etiquette Experts Weigh In:

Wearing Red To A Wedding-Diane Gottsman:

Red is always a danger if good judgment is not involved. A bright red, loud, audience stopping red isn’t appropriate. A muted cranberry, possibly with a pattern, is most likely fine, but when in doubt, I’d prefer they not take the danger.

There are so many other colors which are much safer, even a tasteful black dress is the best choice. Diane Gottsman, Etiquette Expert.

Wearing Red To A Wedding-Elaine Swann:

t’s acceptable to wear red to a wedding. It’s a very festive color and goes very nicely, specifically for fall and holiday season weddings. But, it’s essential to be mindful of the culture of the happy couple. For example, in some cultures, Chinese and Indian, it’s very inappropriate to wear the color red. The bride will usually wear two dresses and one of these dresses is traditionally the color red. Thus, before you pull out this red dress, double check to be sure the color is acceptable for the wedding you will attend. Elaine Swann, Etiquette Expert.


Speaking of that Facebook Insiders Group, an astounding 107 individuals voted that you can, in fact, wear red to a wedding while only three voted against wearing red. It’s amusing to me that even after so many voices in support of wearing red, I still feel slightly disinclined to pick a wedding guest dress in the vibrant hue. Maybe it’ll take some easing into, but my conclusion is official: It is okay to wear the color red to a wedding so long as it’s culturally appropriate to do so.

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