Ways to Challenge Yourself Every Day to Live Your Best Life


When was the last time you challenged yourself and did something outside your comfort zone? . For me personally, it used to not happen very often. I have always fought with change and had a nice little comfort zone. Within the past couple of decades, I have grown a lot as a person. I have challenged myself to try new adventures and meet new individuals, putting myself in situations that formerly I probably could have avoided. It turns out, challenging yourself might lead to a lot of personal growth. In this post, I am sharing 22 strategies to challenge yourself to live your best life, as well as sharing why you should challenge yourself?

Ways to Challenge Yourself Every Day to Live Your Best Life

Why You Should Challenge Yourself:

It may be tempting to live our lives just staying in our comfort zone. I was like this for years. However, I now know the value of challenging yourself and getting out of your comfort zone. There are really so various reasons to why it is important to challenge yourself.

Firstly, you’ll find that you’re capable of things you did not think you were. That is a major one I discovered about myself. You’ve numerous skills that you might have if you simply gave yourself the opportunity. By challenging yourself, you will also achieve new goals you never would have previously thought to even reach for.

Things which never would have seemed feasible for you might be within your grasp. Sure, you could just stay in your comfort zone and never rise beyond this. Nobody can force you from it. However, I guarantee you will be happy you took the leap!

How to Challenge Yourself

Set a New Goal:


I cannot think of any better way to challenge yourself than to set a brand new goal for yourself and really create a plan to follow through on it. There’s so much power in the goal setting! If you find yourself expecting to see something changes in your life, set a major goal for yourself. But do not stop there. Once you have set your goal, then break it down into actionable steps and set them on your calendar. But remember don’t over plan.

Learn a New Language:


Learning a brand new language is such a fun way to challenge yourself by expanding your horizons. Even better if you love to travel, and may learn the terminology of a few of the areas you are going to be visiting! with regards to learning a brand new language, the Duolingo program is my favored place to begin for at least learning the basics.

Take a Class About Something That Interests You:

I’m a lifelong student and I really adore and anticipate having the ability to learn new things. But not everybody is like that. For many people, learning something new is outside of their comfort zone. Taking a course to learn something new is such an amazing experience though. Firstly, you may end up for me, developing a business that never could have happened to you before. Additionally you might wind up creating a brand new friend or finding a brand new favorite pastime!

Wake Up Earlier in the Morning:


Mornings can be an amazing time of day. It is a peaceful time to do something such as meditate, do yoga, or simply sip a cup of coffee before the chaos of the evening collections in. It is also incredible how freaking productive your day could be if you begin off on the right foot at the morning.

I know the mornings used to be dreadful for me. I’d turn off a lot of alarms and get to work a little late and much worried. Eventually committing to waking up earlier and doing a morning pattern made such a large difference in my mood and productivity for the day!

Set a Bedtime For Yourself:

Going with the idea of waking up earlier in the morning, I really challenge you to set bedtime for yourself! I tell myself that I want to begin going to bed earlier. However the only time I really do will be when I set a bedtime for myself and devote to it.

Reach Out to Someone You Look Up To:


As starting a company, I’ve come across a lot of people I look up to. People I’d really like to connect with or have a conversation with. But I never did anything about it. But once I started reaching out to individuals I looked up to, I was so glad I did! Occasionally it was to ask for advice, other times it was only to say hello and let them know I enjoyed what they had been putting out into the world.

Find something who’s kicking ass at what you would like to kick the bottom and only take them an e-mail and let them know how much do you admire them. If a connection doesn’t form, at least you will be capable to give them a self esteem boost.

Unplug From Technology For a Day:

We’re hooked on technology nowadays, it is almost a little scary. I mean, have you ever found yourself starting your telephone, just to forget why you picked it up at the first place? . Many times each day we assess our phones only out of habit!

Not only can it be often only a waste of time, but we are shutting ourselves off from relations with the people around us. I challenge you to turn off your smartphone and turn off your computer and Television for a whole day. Instead, just concentrate on interacting with individuals and enjoying activities you do not typically make time such as reading a book, having a deep conversation, or spending time in nature.

Set a Savings Goal:

Placing a savings goal could definitely be a challenge, and especially uncomfortable one when it means cutting your spending to achieve your goal. However in the long term, you will be so glad you challenged yourself in this manner. When I’ve a trip or other significant expense I am planning for, I like to break it down and determine how much I want to be saving each month so as to reach my goal. Occasionally I can match that within my present spending, but frequently times it means cutting spending in other areas.

Write in a Journal Every Day:


As child, I kept a journal pretty regularly. As an adult, however, I struggled to remain consistent for years running around in my mind, that it helps. And yet I’ve discovered that whenever I consistently journal, or least journal when I am having a lot of ideas running around in my head, that it helps maintain my nervousness at bay. If you are someone that has a lot of anxious thoughts, I challenge you to start writing in a diary your life for a reason, so you’ve time to figure out whether it is beneficial for you.

Reconnect With an Old Friend:

All of us have these old buddies who we still consider buddies, but that we probably do not reach out to all of that often. Occasionally, it may be simpler your life for a reason, so it is to put in the attempt to rekindle the friendship. As somebody who had a possibility to reconnect with old buddies, I will say it is been a wonderful experience for me! Those individuals were on your life for a reason, so it is worth working for all those friendships!

Start a New Workout Routine:

stick to good workout regimen could be so tough. We’ve the best of intentions, but then we talk ourselves out of it after we have had a long day. Or do we just forget about it altogether! The best method I have found myself sticking to my workouts would be to prepare everything in advance holidays or weekend getaways but.

By way of example, if I wanted to do yoga in the morning before work, I’d holidays or weekend getaways, but after that I’d get my yoga mat set up the night before so it is holidays or weekend getaways but. I also love using custom trackers to inspire me to stick to another habit!

Travel To a New Place:


I know a lot of folks who take yearly vacations or weekend getaways, but constantly visit the identical location. It is great when you have found a place you love so much you would like to keep going back, but I think it could be amazing to journey to new places.

And you never know, you may discover your new favorite! Some of my favored experiences have been having the ability countries, or nations, and I am certainly looking forward to exploring new places in the future!.

Talk to a Stranger:


I am not a very outgoing person, and most of the time I am the one to pull out my phone to avoid speaking to the stranger sitting next to me or riding in the elevator with me. It isn’t great, but I am working on it. Once I recall, I sometimes challenge myself to talk to one new person. I particularly try to do that when I am attending an event alone I am not super comfy going to. Jumping into a conversation with someone consistently helps ease the distress!

Ditch One Bad Habit:

Let us be sincere, all of us have a minimum of one or 2 improper habits we would love to ditch. I know how hard it may be to kick a bad habit. I smoked for many years, which I am certainly not proud! AND after that in 2018 I eventually quit.

It had been probably the most difficult things I have done, but additionally probably the most rewarding. My favorite resource for learning about all things customs is James Clear and his book Atomic Habits. From the book, he outlines a roadmap to eliminating improper habits, and producing good habits!

Downside Your Belongings:

Once I got divorced, I moved from a 3 bedroom home to a studio apartment. As you can imagine, that meant eliminating all of what I owned. For somebody who always fought to declutter earlier, I believed this will be so much harder for me personally, however it was actually a breath of fresh air.

Try Cooking a New Recipe:

In the interest of complete disclosure, I’m not a good cook. I am not horrible, I just do not really know exactly what I am doing in the kitchen. Plus I am spoiled because my boyfriend likes to cook so that he does all our cooking.

With that being said, from time to time I get the urge to whip up a brand new recipe for myself. It does not always go great, but it is fun and helps me work on my cooking skills somewhat. Bonus points if you really can cook well and use this challenge to cultivate your cooking skills to a much more expert level!

Volunteer For a Cause You Care About:

All of us have causes which are near and dear to us, but I am guessing most people do not actually make the time to donate our time to these causes. Sure, a monthly donation is great. But so is showing up to assist at a regional nonprofit! Volunteering isn’t just a terrific way to contribute to your own community, but it’s also an effective way to meet new individuals and perhaps make some new friends.

Learn to Meditate:


For many years I saw people I followed online about meditation. It wasn’t just self improvement bloggers either. All of the most successful on-line company owners I followed talked about their meditation habit. Then I read Tribe of Mentors from Tim Ferris, where he interviews a few of the most high performing individuals in the entire world.

And in an interview after interview, the topic talked about the importance of meditation. My meditation game is still a little rough, but it is been an enjoyable challenge, and I really have noticed a difference throughout the months I meditate regularly.

Make a New Friend:

I recall one of the biggest adjustments when I graduated from college and moved out of my school town was I suddenly did not have all of my friends around. Since I am not all of that outgoing, it is more of a struggle for me to create new buddies, and it really forces me to put myself there. It is so worth it. Each time I’ve put myself there and made a brand new friend, I have been really grateful I did. It may be a lot of fun at create new buddies who’ve comparable hobbies or interests.

Ask For Help:

Asking for help is frightening for a whole lot of individuals. Maybe you are like me and you are a perfectionist, scared of admitting to someone you cannot do something just right. Or maybe you’re scared of looking stupid. Or scared of putting yourself out there and speaking to someone new.

Or scared of bothering someone with your problem. There are so numerous reasons you may avoid asking for help, but all among us do find a reason. I challenge you to ask for help next time you’re coping with something!

Start a Gratitude Journal:

Beginning a gratitude journal was a struggle for me! Firstly, I thought it was sort of a dumb thought. I really did not think that it could have some impact on my vision of life. But more than that, sometimes you are only in the mood where you would like to be negative. You wish to concentrate on the things which are going wrong. And hard by forcing yourself to look at the GOOD is uneasy. But writing down things I am thankful for has actually had this wonderful effect, and it could around.

Create a Vision Board:

At first glance, creating a vision board doesn’t seem like something that you challenge you. But you’ll figure out that it really is!

That’s because creating a vision board requires you to do a couple of uncomfortable things. First of all, it forces you to actually create a vision for your future. If you’ve just been letting life lead you rather than leading your life, it might be scary to create a vision for what you want your life to look like.

Second, creating a vision board forces you to confront your big goals each and every day. So many of us have a big pie in the sky goal that we’ll probably never really create a plan to reach. But by creating a vision board, you’re constantly reminding yourself of that goal and daring yourself to take action on it.

It’s honestly a way of tricking yourself into going after your big scary goals!




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