Types of Commercial And Residential Cleaning Services


Cleaning is the necessary evil for most of us, we understand that postponing it is bad and it has to be done regularly or it gets even harder. Cleaning is a large industry that involves different types of companies. In fact, it can be quite rewarding to have a cleaning business, because this is something most people either hate or don’t know how to do properly. It might be expensive to hire professional cleaning services, but sometimes it’s the only solution if you want perfect results. Here are the types of cleaning services and their fundamental characteristics.

Cleaning Residential

The most popular type of cleaning is certainly residential cleaning. It’s also referred to as janitorial service or maid service. This type of cleaning includes the general housework that every home requires, as well as tidying up, clearance and spot treating. Residential cleaning involves sanitizing the bathroom, the kitchen and the toilet, cleaning the bedrooms and the living room, removing waste and dusting, vacuuming and mopping. Starting a residential cleaning business isn’t difficult and it can even be started from home. A minimum start-up investment is required and it is easy to hire cleaners, because the cleaning techniques are quite basic. As well as post-renovation cleaning services, residential cleaning also includes end of tenancy cleaning. The wide range of services makes this a very profitable company that can be expanded with different additional services.

Cleaning for Commercial

Another rewarding company, which includes office and business buildings and premises cleaning. For business owners in the big city, this company is quite beneficial. The service is usually performed after working hours, at night or on weekends, and involves the office premises’ general housekeeping duties. Since many offices now have kitchens and some even showers, residential and commercial services are combined by cleaning companies, thus offering a full range of services.

The services are scheduled according to the manager’s or the business owner’s preferences so that the working process is not interrupted. The landlord can choose the cleaning services when it comes to office buildings, and work out a contract that is equal for each business in the building. Another possibility is for each company to hire its own cleaning service. For the window cleaning of high-rise office buildings, a separate company is usually hired. This is a more dangerous task that is not done on a weekly basis and requires special equipment and trained cleaners.

Cleaning Carpets

Professional carpet cleaning services ensure that the carpets in commercial and residential buildings are properly treated, deodorized and sanitised. Such businesses have the correct skills, machines and products that are required for the job.

Cleaning with steam

Steam cleaning is a technique that provides excellent results and can transform a dirty carpet or upholstery furniture into a great looking one. Professional cleaners who know how to treat a specific surface use steam cleaning machines. The heated carpet extractor is one of the best machines for carpet cleaning, for instance.

There are different types of cleaning services, which include various tasks, equipment, and different problems. With quality service, strong marketing skills, advertising and a strong reputation, cleaning is a profitable business that can be easily developed. It’s all about the network that matters and the quality of the services offered.


This tends to cover wiping dust, picking up litter, and emptying waste bins. Floor upkeep is also included. It is better to create a contract for weekly or monthly maintenance for this service.


Sanitation standards must be fulfilled by establishments in certain industries. Among those establishments are restaurants, clinics and plants.

In your industry, if sanitation is vital, it’s only right to get cleaning services. This will help you avoid problems with contamination later on.


Graffiti is able to turn off prospective clients, applicants and tenants. It can also decrease your property’s value. Another annoying thing about graffiti is that it’s difficult to delete it. You can outsource the graffiti removal service to manage this tough work.


Commercial spaces have a collection of facilities that require specific maintenance. Computers and air conditioning units are covered by this for offices. There’s the dishwasher, the gas range and the hood to worry about in restaurants. Hire professionals to guarantee that your equipment is always in good condition.


Carpets aren’t just gathering dust. They are also able to serve as breeding grounds for pathogens. Carpet stains are an eyesore, too, due to spills and mold.

The carpet cleaning service helps manage the issues mentioned. Professionals use a carpet cleaner rather than a regular vacuum cleaner. In order to remove dust, pathogens and stains, a carpet cleaner utilizes water and detergent.


Window cleaning seems so straightforward. All you have to do is spray detergent, wash it, and wipe until dry. However, when the windows are on the third floor or above, the job doesn’t feel easy.

Cleaning tools and safety equipment are equally important for this job. Only once or twice a month will you need window cleaning. Thus, you can opt to hire a cleaning company instead of buying and storing instruments.


A key element in an event will always be the venue. Make sure it’s free from damaged ceilings, faulty lights, grimy floors and other eyesores if your place is going to be a venue.

Call for a cleaning business to help prepare your place in order to save time and energy. In addition to cleaning, the staff can also be tasked with setting up the decorations.

Cleaning Air Ducts

If you ignore changing air filters or avoid air duct cleaning, any form of construction or home renovation will always create dust and debris that can eventually incur costly HVAC costs. You can be helped by the Houston air cleaning specialists here. You should visit http://www.aircleaningusa.com/.


After they’re done building or modifying, the construction company will clean up most of the time. You can refer to a cleaning company in case your selected company fails to do so. After a construction task, the latter will collect and dispose of the mess.

Washing of Power

Sometimes, just a wash away from enticing clients is your place. Ensure that the driveway and path to your room look brand new. Having a power washing system helps to do the trick. For deck maintenance, this service is also vital.

After understanding the types of commercial cleaning services, evaluate the different areas in your location that may need them. Check it all: the exterior, the interior and even the equipment set.

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