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Being a Best-Dressed men’s-fashion-icons in 2020 means more than it did five years ago – a hell of a lot more. Not only do men tend to be better dressed now than ever before, but more and more of them you, actually are prone to dressing up in public. Men don’t hide themselves under bushels any more. And while it would be unfair to say we now live in a world of peacocks. Men these days dress to be noticed.

Which makes the Best-Dressed list the only one of its kind anywhere in the world more important, more relevant and more pertinent than ever before. And while we have been fairly prescriptive in making this list, we have taken the soundings of those experts we hold dear and whose opinion on these matters we find compelling. The  list is finite and judgmental and if you’re a boldface man and you’re not on it, then shame on you.

Of course there is always next year, but I would imagine that the competition is going to be even fiercer in 2021. So if you’re not on the list (and if you’re not, then please don’t darken our door until you’ve scrubbed up a bit). Then you’ll have to make do with reading what the truly stylish have been up to this year. How they’ve conquered the red carpet, taken ownership of social media and generally taken control of the sartorial landscape.

Enjoy, if you can bear it.

Dylan Jones

1. Frank Ocean


One of the top men’s-fashion-icons is musician Frank Ocean. Frank Ocean’s Met Gala Outfit Composed of Prada Cahul White top, black tie and black pants, was shocking since it was so. Normal. Boring, even. It cut throughout the sea of camp outfits and somehow ended upcoming even a camper than. Says, Katy Perry at a chandelier.

A maverick in the true sense of the term. Elgar Johnson, Deputy Editor, GQ Style: Frank Ocean is the epitome of understated cool. He’s his own mind and is not influenced by anyone, but himself. He’s a true artist who has mastered the art of selecting key pieces which works with his attitude. Hence he’s always in control.

2. Kendall Roy

men's fashion icons-Kendall Roy

Media Executive In a world where robots are programmed to instantly purchase the most recent Yeezys so that they can be shown off on Instagram and after that flipped on StockX, real wealthy people, like Kendall Roy, fictional star of HBO’s barnstorming Succession, numbly spend thousands on anonymous cashmere jumpers and gilets from brands which espouse ethical corporate policies. The irony of having a social conscience. But additionally being so prohibitively expensive that only the likes of Kendall Roy can get them makes you would like to shout in the moot vagaries of capitalism. That is just what Succession does.

The power gilet may keep your body heat, but the heart will stay chilly. Ice cold. Stuart McGurk, Associate Editor, GQ: Kendall Roy is the best dressed person at Succession partly since you never suspect he must be. One minute he will be in a well tailored, but humdrum match with integrated puffer gilet. But just whenever Least you suspect it, bam, chocolate brown lace tuxedo. As his father found, never underestimate Kendall.

3. Ben Cobb

men's fashion icons-ben-cob

Editor Who’d have thought dressing such as a Seventies hustler, complete with a handlebar moustache, would place social websites ablaze? . Nevertheless, when it is done with this much sex appeal and swagger how might you deny it? .

Cobb’s turn as a literary chat show host to interview Rami Malek was one of the year’s most memorable fashion moments made him top men’s fashion icons.

4. Charlie Heaton

men's fashion icons

Actor cannot really talking about Stranger Things star Charlie Heaton not to mention his girlfriend and co-star Natalia Dyer. Together this couple somehow manages to outside French the French with regards to Parisian chic. Whether it is the art deco charm of their red carpet ensembles or any black beatniks trendy, both of these are always in fashion.

Raven Smith, cultural commentator: Heaton dresses such as Harry Styles if Harry Styles were reading English in Cambridge. He wields the pattern symmetrically, like a samurai with a sword. It’s consistently arresting, but it never slip into the asbo.

5. Ashton Sanders

men's fashion icons

Actor know Ashton Sanders chiefly for his breakthrough role in Moonlight – the Oscar Academy Award winning movie about the struggle of a young gay black guy in Miami. Whether it is the hottest streetwear appears from Fear Of God and Off White worn with Dr Martens or luxury tailoring from Louis Vuitton and Rick Owens. He wears every thing with a signature elegance, sensitivity and soul.

Damien Paul, head of menswear, I believe Ashton has a special sense of style that seems totally authentic. He brings the natural energy we have seen in his performances at the way he wears garments – and it works. Thats why he was able to made his name in the list of men’s fashion icons.

6. Josh O’Connor

men's fashion icons

Actor he’s not already, Josh O’Connor will soon become a household name because of his role as young Prince Charles at the 3rd Netflix sensation series The Crown. This’ll not just give us a possibility to revisit Charles amazing Seventies style. But additionally check out Josh O’Connor’s IRL as a brand ambassador for Loewe.

Jonathan Anderson, inventive director, Loewe: Once I watched the 2017 movie God’s Own Country I recall coming out from the cinema feeling incredibly influenced. I thought Josh’s functionality had a real strength that felt quite pure and had a natural sort of sense that I actually liked.

A couple of months later whenever we were thinking about a face for Loewe, Josh was somebody who came straight to the front of my head and we declared him as brand ambassador at December of the same calendar year.

7. David Gandy

Model Surprisingly, there was a time in the start of his career – when grungy waif boys were in fashion – which David Gandy had a hard time getting work. Picture. Thank goodness the tide turned.

Today, as well as being Britain’s most famous male model. He’s a statesman like existence as an ambassador of British fashion. He also wears wide leg trouser better than anybody we know. Timothy Everest, tailor: I’ve always admired how David has been able to transition out of being a pro model at the forefront of contemporary menswear and supporter of British fashion.

Aside from his physical characteristics – he is a natural garments horse – his self-confidence makes for an effortlessly comfortable way of whatever he wears.

8. LeBron James

Sportsman (NEW ENTRY) The fact that basketball’s post-game interviews are observed largely for the fashion is due in no small part to LeBron James, who will put on a shrunken Thom Browne shorts match to provide up his analysis. Not since Michael Jordan has a player brought so much style, sophistication and fashion daring to the game.

Tommy Hilfiger, fashion designer: “LeBron James brings his own sense of simple style to what he wears, from advanced tailoring to modern streetwear. ”

9. Richard Madden

Actor (LAST YEAR No4) The man who will star alongside Angelina Jolie in forthcoming Marvel film The Eternals has had several notable style moments this year. He won GQ’s Hugo Boss Most Stylish Man award and, in Rocket man, there was his turn as Elton John’s buff in a series of mod-style suits. Which gave him an incredibly strong screen presence.

Jeremy Langmead, brand and content director, Mr Porter: “Richard has managed to nail his red-carpet appearances over the past twelve months with bespoke Giorgio Armani tuxes and a few slick velvet evening jackets. For off-duty, his uniform of suede jacket teamed with T-shirt, black jeans and Chelsea boots has a low-key charm which works equally well on the roads of London and LA. He inhabits a outfit as opposed to merely wears one. ”

10. HRH The Duke Of Sussex:

Royal (RE-ENTRY) While he was born to wear bespoke suits by Gieves & Hawkes, Prince Harry’s casually elegant ensembles of gently tailored jackets and unbuttoned t-shirts uncover a kind and gentle soul. His style shows that he’s that famed warmth so beloved of his mother and is count in the list of men’s fashion icons .

Nick Foulkes, Luxury Editor, GQ: “The funniest member of the royal family faces a range of sartorial struggles — bedizened on the balcony of Buckingham Palace or at skinny-leg pants and an untucked shirt in Africa with his most wonderful charities, he is aware of the power of the speech of apparel. ”

11. Sam Fender

Musician (NEW ENTRY) He looks like a model, has done a little acting and writes his own songs, spiky new-wave power-indie anthems that handle themes of modern masculinity. That mop of messy hair, a simple uniform of a striped T-shirt, slim-cut jeans and a neat Harrington jacket, accessorized with a guitar, completes the look of a British rock hero in the making.

Dylan Jones, Editor-In-Chief, GQ: “Doing ‘casual’ isn’t that easy nowadays, as often it’s just an excuse for being lazy. Sam Fender, nevertheless, manages to do it with style and ease also, yes, actually a bit of grace. ”

12. Henrik Lundqvist

Sportsman (NEW ENTRY) Think Swedish design is clean minimalism and monochromatic skinniness? Wrong. Ice hockey player Henrik Lundqvist, goalie for the NY Rangers, shows that the Scandis can do playboy glamour with aplomb too. Lately, he has been sporting classic midnight-blue double-breasted suits from Swedish brand Stephen F.

Timothy Everest: “Henrik Lundqvist is a sportsman that has a supreme confidence in everything he wears. He is able to blur the boundaries between formal and casualwear. It’s a celebration of the new approach to design, which can be comfy yet also elegant. ”

13. Carl Tallents

Fashion Executive (NEW ENTRY) Headquartered in London, with branches in Liverpool, Birmingham, Glasgow and, most lately, the capital, Flannels is one of British luxury’s most important players. Tallents, head of brand, who has a style that is laid-back, cool and absolutely in tune with 2019, is the man in control of all of it.

Caroline Rush, Chief executive officer, British Fashion Council: “Carl is evident in a crowd; his signature is the vital hat. It lays off his relaxed style, a combination of casual trousers and tailored coat, understated with regards to labels but exceptional nonetheless. ”

14. Taika Waititi

Film Director (NEW ENTRY) An offbeat persona with an offbeat swag to boot up. His signature move? Pineapples emblazoned loud and proud on t-shirts buttoned up all the way to the top, typically accessorised by a big, beaming grin. Sure, he can do red-carpet elegance, however it’s the aforementioned pineapple-print t-shirts that really set him apart.

Jonathan Heaf, Chief Content Officer, GQ: “Pronounce the New Zealand film director’s name 5 times (correctly!) And he appears in front of you dressed like the despicable, award-winning theater wizard he was destined to become. As the man accountable for making Thor cool, Waititi’s style is that of an intergalactic sailor/tiki barman half-cut on rum Mai Tai cocktails and bad poetry..You know, in a good way. ”

15. Riz Ahmed

Actor (LAST YEAR No39) As one of Britain’s few Asian actors with bona fide leading-man standing, Riz Ahmed has shown that with regards to style that he hasn’t forgotten where he comes out. He could ball with the best of them on the red carpet in labels such as Dunhill, however his off-duty sportswear flex shows that, first and foremost, he’ll always be a Londoner who found success against the odds.

Mark Weston, creative director, Dunhill: “Style and character are always components you need to adopt or contrast. Riz’s style shows a confident mix of sport utility and contemporary elegance that embodies his passions, from conscious rap to championing cultural roots and identity. It’s this duality of style and character that shows intuition and ethics. ”

16. Ryan Reynolds

men's fashion icons

Actor Fashion isn’t necessarily about creating a significant statement. In reality, not making a statement is, in itself, a big statement. Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds method of wearing a uniform consisting of all American basics – Reigning Champ sweatshirt, Rag & Bone pants and zip-up bomber – demonstrates the power of simplicity.

Brunello Cucinelli, fashion designer: I am fascinated with the energy of Ryan Reynolds. He is on of the famous men’s-fashion-icons , beauty and elegance, capable, like others, of constantly wearing a lawsuit revisited at a sartorial and modern key.

17. Ryan Gosling

men's fashion icons

Men’s fashion icons actor To mention that Ryan Gosling is stylish is to say the obvious. But why exactly? . Sure, there is something of Sixties Hollywood about him and a certain laid back appeal, but if we knew for sure, well, we’d be married to Eva Mendes instead.

Ingo Wilts, creative boss, boss: Ryan Gosling reminds me of a present Paul Newman day: classic, elegant and understated. He looks equally pulled together in tailoring or in his off duty looks. I also like the way his design is nostalgically American.

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