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Kristen Stewart is considered probably the most rebellious dressers in Hollywood for a reason, she will go barefoot at media conferences, wear age-old coaches with Chanel haute couture, and also cut up Chanel samples with a pair of scissors. She may hate high-heeled footwear and avoid gowns like the plague, however, this is just what makes her really thrilling to look at the red carpet, she will never seem exactly like anyone else. She is a high fashion tomboy if ever there was one. Not just that, but she is frequently throwing us with her fashion choices, only whenever we think we have got her red rug style, she will go and make a complete 180.

AS for her off-duty fashion, Kristen has really honed her signature outfit, so she is about a pair of slim-fit jeans and a white T-shirt, ideally with a logo or band adorning the front, and the jacket was thrown over the top. It is this nonchalant, super cool approach to her everyday ensembles that merit her present-day James Dean label.

Scroll below to see Kristen Stewart’s inimitable style and why she’s cooler than anyone in Hollywood right now.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart  Style Notes 1:

While she could be a tomboy with regards to her nonred carpet apparel, Kristen Stewart is quite fond of the minidress. This Chanel frock has a party written around it.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 2:

A Lacoste Harrington jacket, plus classic straight leg jeans, all topped off with a set of Wayfarer Esque shades, the contemporary James Dean look if we ever saw one.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 3:

K.Stew is much more than a bit fond of the leather biker jacket. The slightly cropped tee and also the flat brogues with just a tiny beanie helps to make a really cool down duty outfit.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 4:

When cozying up to former co-star Taylor Lautner, Stewart looks simple in a green bomber jacket, white blouse, and jeans. The short-cropped do just adds to her coolness.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 5:

It is rare that we see the star in a floor scratching gown. Here, she is wearing Chanel as normal, but in a halterneck silhouette, all the better to show her off short platinum hair.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 6:

Skinny-fit jeans, a white tee, and coaches appear to be loved for K.Stew. One rule is the tees always need to be cropped, and the jeans always need to be turned up.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 7:

We never envisioned which Kristen Stewart and the Kardashians would have a lot in common with regards to fashion, but as it turns out, this cropped strapless bodysuit from Chanel is completely something we can see on either Kim or Kendall.

kristen stewart style

Kristen Stewart Style Notes 8:


Another red rug, another Chanel look. Again, Stewart does something totally different and chooses a pinafore dress with a bandeau top.

kristen stewart style



Kristen Stewart Style Notes 9:

Kristen may rarely be seen wearing announcement accessories, but one thing she does play with is socks. You will notice that frequently she matches her coach’s brogues with sheer ankle socks.

kristen stewart style





Kristen Stewart Style Notes 10:

Kristen wore this outfit back in 2015, but two decades later, it looks just as cool. This outfit incorporates all the K.Stew classics, from her white lace-up pumps into the gloomy oversize men’s shirt.

kristen stewart style


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 11:

In the premiere of Personal Shopper in L.A. Before this year, Kristen kept all her attention on her new hype cut by wearing a 1990 style A.L.C. Black crop top with spaghetti straps with black tuxedo trousers and corset style waistband. Kristen frequently wears little if any jewelry, and here she wore absolutely nothing to make the most of the effects of her smoky eyes.

kristen stewart style


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 12:

When she is not working, the celebrity lives in ripped lace and tank tops, but when she is on promotional tours, she frequently pairs her tees with intelligent suits. Here, she went to get a white suit with matching white loafers with black detailing. Her years as Chanel ambassador has given her something for monochrome.

kristen stewart style


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 13:

This is another Kristen outfit from 2015 that’s worth revisiting. She is a fan of harvest tops, and her collection goes to gut flashing boxy shirts. Her coaching obsession has been widely documented, but she loves chunky black loafers with rubber bottoms, which might remind you about your school shoes. Nevertheless, these are far more Parisian schoolboy than ’00s kickers.


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 14:

This black crop top is a ripped lace skirt, black brogues, and bomber coat combo is really a classic off-obligation K.Stew look that we have seen her lean on during her career.


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 15: 

K’ Stewart always looks most comfortable in a T-shirt than the usual red carpet gown, and at the Honey premiere at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, she paired a black Chanel short-sleeved top with a dark lace midi skirt, strappy heels, and the padlock necklace you’ll see in several of her pictures.


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 16: 

This has to be one of Kristen’s best looks to date. In a photocall for the Cannes Film Festival in 2016, she wore a silver-plated Chanel mini with mirrored silver pointed heels, and she put the K.Stew stamp on the look with a deep berry lipstick and vintage-inspired sunglasses.


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 17:

If there is one outfit that sums up K.Stew’s style, it is this one. In a Cannes photocall, she wore a white Chanel pencil skirt with heels and a white Chanel tee which she ripped with a pair of scissors. We cut it out that morning, Kristen’s stylist, Tara Swennen, explained to The Telegraph. I’d easily say about seven or eight inches. It makes me cringe a little bit, such as is Karl going to come to kill me at any stage? But it is a T-shirt, it wasn’t that bad


Kristen Stewart Style Notes 18:

Kristen Stewart always does the red carpet in her very own manner, And in the Cannes Film Festival, she paired her white Chanel haute couture dress with dramatic feathered sleeves with a set of scruffy lace-up coaches and some daring eye makeup. It works.

Kristen Stewart Kristen Stewart -Style Notes 19:

As the face of Chanel, Kristen Stewart usually relies on Herr Lagerfeld when it comes to formal occasions, and here she opted for a more ladylike silhouette, wearing a black pleated skirt with a white ornate lace blouse with a black cropped bolero jacket over the top.

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