How to start living your best life-Excuses to give up


I am guessing you’ve some BIG goals you would like to achieve someday. Dreams you have had for quite a very long time. But have never taken the steps to make them a reality. How to start living your best life? Then you have to give up some excuses to live your best. Here are excuses to give up. The majority of us, even when confronted with the reality of going after our big goals. Let go of fear explanations get involved and stop us from living the best life.

You tell yourself you do not have ample time to reach your goals. Tell yourself you do not have sufficient money to achieve your goals. You tell yourself you are not smart enough or talented enough, or that there is no point in trying because you will fail anyway.

I have done this to myself more times than I could count. I’d a dream I instantly pushed out of my mind because I was able to come up along with so many explanations why I couldn’t do it. Like the time that I needed to study overseas in college, but I told myself I couldn’t afford it.

Or the time that I wanted to live abroad for a year after college. But allow a relationship stop me from doing so. Or the time that I wanted to go to higher education and discovered about a dozen explanations why I likely couldn’t.

Excuses to Give Up to Start Living Your Best Life

How to start living-Excuses to give up-I don’t have enough time:


I list this excuse because it’s hands down the one that I hear most often. And also because I use this excuse way too often myself. Whenever I’ve something I would like to achieve or a target I want to reach for, I find myself thinking I do not have time today. But someday I will have time for it. And there are two numerous reasons why this thinking is flawed. Firstly, there’s never going to be a time in your life when you’ve all types of spare time to dedicate to these endeavors. I hate to break it to you, but time isn’t coming.

Next, this particular line of thought makes the assumption that individuals aren’t in control of our time. You currently have all of the time you require. You simply aren’t putting it in a means which permits you to achieve your goals.

Whenever you say you do not have time for a brand new target. If it be starting a company or going to the health club, what you are really saying is your aim isn’t a priority to you right now. You are going to choose to invest your time on other stuff instead. The second time you find yourself thinking you do not have sufficient time to your goals. I would like you to do a time mediation.

Spend a week writing down how you are spending every hour of the day. I guarantee towards the end of the week, you are going to realize you’ve a whole lot more spare time than you believed. I recall a time when I was struggling to start new projects in my personal business or to stay consistent with blog posts, thinking that I did not have sufficient time.

Then I realized how many hours per week were being spent watching television, and I realized I’d a lot of additional time, I simply wasn’t using it well. Watching TV isn’t a priority in my life, however my business sure is! That made it very easy to change the way I was spending my time.

How to start living-Excuses to give up-I don’t have enough money:


I do not have sufficient money. So many people put off fantasies because they think they cannot afford it. I hear this from those who would love to travel, however they don’t think they can afford it. Or they want to get in shape, but a gym membership costs too much.

Or they would like to start a business, but isn’t that expensive? . And while it is a fact that financing are frequently a barrier which has to be overcome, it is not a fantastic excuse to sit on your fantasies. Firstly, it is possible that the goal you have been dreaming of doesn’t cost just as much as you think it does.

By way of example, you do not need to spend a ton of cash to get in shape. That fancy gym membership is completely optional. You may get in shape for free at home using body weight exercise, YouTube videos, and a good old fashioned running outside. And starting that business? . Sure, a mortar and brick business is going to have plenty of upfront costs. However, you might also bootstrap an on-line business and have almost no startup costs.

And if your dream does cost a ton of cash, so what? . That does not mean it cannot be done. In case your dream is going to need a financial planning, then the very initial step is to produce a monthly spending budget for yourself and find out where one can be saving money. Then, start looking into methods to make a little extra money. There are SO many – that I promise you may find one which is the right match for your way of life!.

How to start living-Excuses to give up-I can’t do—until I’ve achieved:

I can’t do”‘ until I’ve attained”‘. I’m constantly brainstorming new ideas for my business, and occasionally I will stumble on an idea that I’m really enthusiastic about. Like, I can’t stop thinking about it excited. And then this thing happens where I create arbitrary hurdles that I need To pass before I could reach for that goal or begin that job.

By way of example, I could decide that I wish to create a new digital product for my audience. But first I must redo my site so when people land there to buy my merchandise. They’re seeing a shiny new site. My site does not need updating, but I’ve created this arbitrary hurdle as a reason why I can’t create my digital product yet.

I’m a perfectionist, and I use that perfectionism fairly frequently as a reason for procrastinating on going after my goals. I frequently don’t allow myself start new projects until my other projects are done perfectly. But I’m never going to think these projects are ideal. Stop waiting to be in the right place to go after your objectives. There’s never going to be a right time. You simply need to go for it!

How to start living-Excuses to give up-I’m not smart/talented enough:


For a long time I needed To begin freelance writing, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do it.
I told me I wasn’t a fantastic enough writer for other individuals to pay for my work. I told me I wasn’t smart enough to work out ways to get started. This is a completely flawed logic. First of all, I already successfully make money writing for myself. So why do I think I wasn’t good enough for someone else to cover me? .

Second, we are living in an electronic era where one can learn literally whatever. So maybe I’d never done freelance writing before and wasn’t sure where to start. There are hundreds of individuals on-line who focus on teaching others how to start freelance writing career!

So next time you avoid getting to a target because you think you are not smart or gifted enough, I would like you to bear this in mind. Because it is quite likely that you do possess the skills you need to achieve your goal, you simply lack faith in yourself. And if you do not have the skills or knowledge that you require, you are able to learn it! I guarantee that a simple Google search will direct you to on-line resources which will teach you what you need to know. Stop thinking a scarcity of info is a hurdle you cannot get past!.

How to start living-Excuses to give up-I’m too old:

Awhile back of my future husband and I’d been throwing around the notion of doing some full time traveling within the upcoming few years. And as we were speaking About that, I woke up thinking, But I am too old to do that. It is too late. Isn’t that ridiculous? .

I’m 28. Twenty freaking eight. And that I was worried I was too old to get this wonderful life experience. However in my own head, I was thinking about what everybody expects individuals to be doing as they near 30. Society expects us to be getting married, purchasing a home, and starting a family.

And so I got worried that when we took time off to travel full time, I’d be too late getting to all else. There are loads of individuals who run into this exact same resistance later in life as well. Individuals who think that they cannot start their very own company, because they’ve kids to take care of.

Individuals who think they cannot return to school because they will be twice the era of their classmates. Martha Stewart did not publish her first book until 41 and did not launch Martha Stewart alive until 7 years after. Vera Wang did not start designing clothing till the age of 40. Julia Child did not publish her first cookbook before the age of 50.

Nevertheless, old you’re and whatever it’s you would like to achieve – you are not too late.

How to start living-Excuses to give up-I already know I’ll fail:

Falling short of your goals is a dreadful feeling, and I understand the urge to prevent it. I have experienced my fair share of failures and it has caused me to shy away from goals. There were jobs I applied for that I thought I was perfect for, however I never got so far as an interview. Since that time this has caused me to not use for the jobs I was qualified because I convinced myself they’d find someone they liked better. I have tackled new jobs in my personal business that did not go well at all.

Ever since then I have refrained from taking on comparable jobs, convincing myself that I’ll definitely fail if I try. There are a lot of things wrong with this logic, but let us talk about only a couple.

First, insisting that you’ll fail almost completely ensures that you will. Even when you do reach for the goal, if you devote the entire time believing you will not be prosperous, you likely won’t. You’ve determined the outcome before you’ve taken your first step. The other problem with this thought process is the assumption that failure is the end of the road. I like to place an end date on my intentions – the afternoon I plan to accomplish that aim by. This really helps me to prioritize it in my schedule, because I know there is a deadline looming.

But if I do not finish the aim by that deadline, I still don’t stop. I extend the deadline. The deadline was just there to help keep me on course. So yes, you may fail the very first time around. But this does not mean you have really neglected. It just means you’ve to keep trying. It may mean making additional time to your goal or changing your plan, however it surely does not mean it is over.


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