How To Get Rid Of Gum On Shoes


Everyone has walked in gum at some point in their life. Luckily, here are some easy ways of how to get rid of gum on shoes. Let’s check out.

Residing in contemporary society has a number of quirks we can survive without, and also one of them is that, at some point, you’ll certainly step in gum. No matter if you’re at home, the office, or anyplace in between, getting gum stuck to your shoes may be both unsightly and tricky to remove without knowing the right steps. Depending upon what’s accessible to you personally, there are a small number of easy ways to restore your shoes fast, whether they’re leather or suede. Read on to see how to remove gum from shoes with 3 super-simple hacks.

How to get rid of gum on shoes-Try Peanut Butter:


Utilizing a spoon or dull-edged knife, smear a large amount of peanut butter (enough to completely saturate the area) over the gum. Following the gum has softened, softly scrape off all the residue–the peanut butter and butter should now be a single material –with a second spoon or knife. Following the gum has been removed, thoroughly wash the affected area to remove any residual gunk. Peanut butter is also a surprisingly easy hack for removing gum out of garments.

How to get rid of gum on shoes-Freeze the Gum:

Comparable to the peanut butter method, freezing your shoes depends on the form and quality of the material. Nevertheless, in case it’s anything designed to hold up to extreme temperatures, this hack works like a dream.

Seal your shoes inside a plastic Ziploc bag, ensuring the gum is pressed from the interior of the bag, and following that place it in the refrigerator for one to two hours. When the gum has completely hardened, you ought to be capable to pull back the plastic bag along with the gum along it. If you’re away from home but have access to ice hockey, rub an ice cube over the gum for 15 to 20 minutes before gently removing the hardened gum with a dull knife or the edge of a credit card.

How to get rid of gum on shoes-Use Compressed Air:


Another way to remove gum from shoes is to spray the place with compressed air. Depending upon the type of material (so long as the gum is simply stuck to the only), you might also utilize WD-40 for this particular hack. Spray the compressed air directly onto the gum, causing it to harden. Then use a dull knife or charge card to carefully scratch the gum off the shoe. In case the bottoms of your shoes are textured, you might also use a toothpick or tweezer to remove any lingering residue.

Given that you know how to remove gum from shoes, here’s a step-by-step guide to cleaning your leather shoes.

How to get rid of gum on shoes-Using Sand and a Stick:


Locate a wooden stick and a few dry grains of sand. This method works well if you are outside and happens to step on a few new gums that are still pretty pliable and soft. All that you need is a little dry sand and a tiny wooden stick. Sprinkle some sand within the gum. Remove the shoes and sprinkle with sand at the top of the gum. Use a stick to start rubbing the sand to the gum, it ought to start coming away in tiny chunks. Scatter a little more sand on top and continue massaging. The sand acts kind of like an exfoliator at the bottom of your shoe! Keep going till the gum is give or take completely removed.

This might take a little while, but it is better to act fast instead of letting the gum to dry and harden on your shoes.

How to get rid of gum on shoes-Dissolving the Gum:


Use lighter fluid. Soak a classic fabric or a piece of paper towel naphtha and rub it on the gum. The gum should start to flake out. Make certain to use the naphtha in a well-ventilated area, away from any heat source, as naphtha is extremely flammable.

Use nail polish remover. Acetone based nail polish remover may also be employed to dissolve gum from the sole of a shoe. Soak a paper towel or fabric in the product to be removed and rub it on the gum until it disappears. Just be cautious about what Kind of shoes you utilize this method for like acetone can harm the finish on suede or patent shoes.

How to get rid of gum on shoes-Using Olive Oil:

Rub olive oil on the gum. Avoid getting it directly on leather or suede on the shoe, or it might stain. Let the oil sit for a minute. Rub the oil off with a paper towel. Remove any excess gum with a pointy-ended tool dipped in olive oil. Done. The gum should now be all off. Dispose of appropriately.

Using Ice:

Fill a large plastic bag with ice cubes. Place your shoe on top of the ice cubes, gum-side down. Avoid letting the ice cubes go inside or around the shoe, as this will make your shoe wet. Keep the ice-cold. To prevent it from melting too fast, use a food storage bag that can be zipped closed or tie the bag shut.  Firmly press the ice onto the gum until it freezes. You will only be able to remove the gum after it has frozen solid. This may take a little while — so have patience! Once frozen, scrape the gum from the shoe. Carefully use a dull butter knife or putty knife to scrape the hard, frozen gum off the shoe. Move the knife slowly to avoid cutting the shoe or yourself.


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