How to defrost a fridge freezer – Simple Steps


Are your freezer drawers sticking? Or are you noticing ice build-up at the back of your fridge? Follow these simple steps to learn how to defrost a fridge in time.

Knowing how to defrost a fridge refrigerator is one of those slightly dull. But essential life skills all of us need. In the end, it is hard to imagine living without a refrigerator-freezer. Therefore it is important to do whatever you may to keep yours in fantastic condition.

Defrosting the device is really important whether you get a manual defrost refrigerator freezer. However, even whether you have a frost-free model, these can still accumulate a thin layer of ice with time. This means you may not be capable to get away without doing the occasional defrost. And it is definitely worth doing.

Defrosting your refrigerator freezer won’t only make it significantly easier to open the drawers and get out food, but it will also make sure it’s functioning as efficiently as possible.

Additionally, it is a fantastic chance to give your refrigerator a proper clear-out and also a thorough clean. So do not forget to have a look at our top refrigerator cleaning hints too. 

Before you start: check the manual:

The steps to defrost a fridge refrigerator are often much like a model to a model. However, it is important to check your appliance’s user manual before you begin to make sure you are not going against any one of the advice.

The manual is also a wonderful spot to test how frequently you want to defrost your refrigerator freezer. As a rule, it is generally once or twice annually, but the manual will give you the definitive answer for your specific model.

How to defrost a fridge freezer

You will need:

  • A large bowl
  • A clean cloth
  • Some old towels or cloths
  • Cool bags/boxes and some ice blocks (to store your food in during defrosting)
  • Washing up liquid and an antibacterial surface spray (for cleaning)


1. Unplug the fridge freezer


The very initial step to defrost the fridge freezer would be to flip it off and unplug it. It is vital to ensure you leave the doors open to allow it to heat up faster.

2. Remove all the contents


This is where these cooler bags and a few ice blocks will come in very handy. If you move rapidly, you need to be capable to retain the most essential contents from your refrigerator in the cooler bags.

This is also an excellent chance to go through the contents of the two compartments and throw away anything that is been there too long.

3. Take the shelves and drawers out


Not only can this helps speed up the defrosting process, but eliminating drawers and shelves will yield you a fantastic chance to give them a more thorough clean. Just wash them in the sink or a washing-up bowl with plain water and also a few good grade washing-up liquids.

4. Arrange towels/cloths around the bottom of the fridge freezer

Melting the ice at the refrigerator is going to result in a fair amount of water draining out. So it’s important to pad out the ground around the refrigerator with a few old towels or cloths to soak up the water.

5. Melt the ice

This is the portion of the procedure which may take an extremely long time and many people are desperate to accelerate. Don’t fear, we’ve got any suggestions to do precisely that below.

There’ll be water to loosen or clog up whenever you’re defrosting the fridge so mop this up with a towel as you move.

6. Clean the fridge freezer

With everything out from the fridge refrigerator and the ice melted, now’s the ideal time to dry and clean the interior surfaces.

Take a look at our fridge cleaning guide for more guidelines on getting your fridge refrigerator sparklingly clean. And we’ve got some fantastic suggestions about getting rid of bad smells on your fridge too.

7. Replace the food and turn the the fridge freezer back on

You’re nearly there. Now it’s time to replace the contents of your fridge refrigerator, which gives you a superb chance to organize everything just as you would like it.

Make certain to double-check some suspended food to see if it’s still frozen. If it’s uncooked meat or some other merchandise that expressly says not to refreeze that, then you’ll have to use it up as quickly as possible (or in the event that you could ’t do that, regrettably, you may have to get rid of it).

How do you defrost a fridge freezer combo quickly?

Use a bowl of hot water

Simply fill a huge bowl full of boiling water and set it in the refrigerator compartment with a towel beneath it and close the door. (When there’s ice build-up on the back of your fridge, you may do the exact same in there too.)

Use a hairdryer

You should use a hairdryer to accelerate the melting process, but be careful! Electrical implements and water aren’t a fantastic combination, so be sure you don’t touch the hairdryer to the appliance.

Scrape off the ice

This method is usually easier once the ice has melted a little. Utilize a plastic spatula or other plastics apply to scratch the ice from the sides. Ensure you don’t use anything metallic, particularly not a knife!

How do you defrost a fridge freezer without turning it off?

It’s not possible to correctly defrost a fridge refrigerator without turning off it. However, if you’re concerned about your food unfreezing, don’t fear. Follow our useful tips above to accelerate the defrosting process.

How long does it take to defrost a fridge freezer?

Without any help, it may take up to 8 hours to get a fridge refrigerator to completely defrost. Nevertheless, if you follow a few of the suggestions above, it’ll be much quicker than that.

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