For a lot of people, going to the salon or barber shop would be a fun experience. For others, it’s something which they’d rather not do. Whether it’s due to the cost or other factors, should you choose to cut your own hair, you need to keep a few things in mind. Here’s our how to cut your own hairs: For in depth advice on hair cutting at home in a wide range of fashions, I suggest The Beginner’s Guide to Cutting Hair. You may gain the safety of cutting hair like a specialist without pricey trips to the salon! – Let’s begin with these tips.


Wet hair is easier to cut than dry hair.

Start with hair that’s freshly shampooed and free from tangles. Keep a jar of water using a spray nozzle nearby so you could soften your hair if it starts to dry as you are working on it. Ensure your scissors are sharp and nice to avoid pulling your hair. Whatever style you select, cut a little at a time, particularly if you’re a newcomer. You may always cut it a bit shorter, but once you’ve gone too brief, all you may do is wait around for it to return! – Straightforward fashions are best for home haircuts.

The simplest cut will be one length everywhere.

Decide on an overall length and after that grab your ruler. Working in small segments, comb the own hair straight out from your scalp and maintain a section easily between your index and middle fingers. Measure to the preferred length and cautiously snip off the excess. Continue in this way until you’ve cut all your hair. This method works equally well for men as well as women, with long hair or brief hair. The duration of the chosen cut can differ from very short to shoulder length and beyond.

Do you’ve dry scalp and dandruff, or do you dream of regrowing hair?

I recommend you fortify the hair you’ve and regrow what you have lost using this ancient Indian remedy, known simply as the Herbal Hair Solution. You might wish to begin with a pro cut and after that just cut about the same volume of hair from all regions of your mind every month or two to maintain the style. Note that on many people, the own hair on one side of their head grows quicker than with the other, so if you pick this method, you’ll have to visit your stylist once in a while like the cut begins to get uneven. Another idea for a simple, yet appealing reduce would be to lean over and comb all your wet hair simple.
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