How To Be Productive When You Have Nothing To Do


My full-time job, my business, and my personal life keep me pretty darn busy. It’s maybe not all that frequently that I’ve any large amount of downtime. How to be productive when you have nothing to do.

Once I do wind up with downtime, I always find myself feeling a little unsure of what exactly to do my time!

I would like to take benefit of the rare free time, but I want to do it in a successful way!

So I put together a list of productive things to do I will turn to the next time I’ve some downtime.

Productive Things to Do When You Have Downtime:

Start a Side Hustle:

Beginning a negative hustle was among the best decisions I’ve made. Not only has it enabled me to earn additional income through the years, but it has done other amazing things for my entire life like pushing me to learn new skills and allowing me to make new buddies.

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Read a Book


I really like reading. It’s one of my favored past times. I read a pretty even mix of books including novels, personal development books, memoirs, and business books.

Reading has enabled me to develop a lot as an individual and within my business. I also know that reading a lot is among the things that has helped me to develop as a writer!

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Learn a New Skill


Irrespective of where you’re in your life, there’s always room to learn new skills! Once I started carrying my website critically, there were numerous new skills I had to learn.

And not only did those skills help me develop my website, but I actually found they interpreted pretty well to my job along with other portions of my entire life!

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Listen to a Podcast


Yo men, I’m obsessed with podcasts. Over the past few decades, I’ve fallen in love with so many podcasts and listen to them all the time.

I listen to podcasts when I’m getting ready in the morning, driving to work, cleaning, and working out.

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Work Out

Most of us know the way that working outside is essential for our physical wellbeing, but plenty of us still don’t make time for it. I think part of the problem is that individuals are overwhelmed by the thought of working out, thinking they need to be running or weight lifting.

Working out may be whatever you want it to be, so long as you’re getting your body moving! Should you prefer slower workout routines like walking or yoga, that works too!

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Get Outdoors



When was the last time you invested some severe time outdoors? In case the answer is “not recently ”, then use your downtime to get outdoors!

You could find a cool hiking place, or simply grab a book and find a wonderful part to read. Being outdoors always sets me in the best mood!

Map Out Your Goals


Do you set goals for yourself? If not, now’s the time to start! Goal setting is this amazing way to accomplish new things and really grow as an individual. Goals give you something to work toward and also something to motivate you!

Revisit Old Goals

In case you’ve already set some goals for yourself, today might be a fantastic time to revisit them.
Are you really making progress toward your goals? Are they still relevant to what you want to your future? If something needs fixing, now’s the time to notice it and fix it!

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Start a Blog

I started a blog in the year 2014 and haven’t looked back! It’s one of my favorite ways to invest my time, and something I’ve become really enthusiastic about.

And the fantastic thing is there are loads of resources today which make it possible for anybody to start a website.

Write in a Journal


I’m somebody who tends to overthink practically everything, and I continuously have a million thoughts running around in my head.

Writing in a diary has really helped with this. I find it really therapeutic and I always feel better after getting all my thoughts down on paper.

Journaling can be an superb tool to help manage your thoughts or reflect on your life to assist you set goals for the future.

Revise Your Budget

When was the last time you took a take take a take a look at your spending budget to determine if it’s still working for you? If you haven’t revised your spending budget in some time, now’s the time to get on it!

A paying spending budget isn’t a set-it-and-forget-it task. It’s something you’ll want to be continuously checking in with.

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Volunteer


There are loads of excellent volunteer opportunities out there. And the fantastic thing is that no matter what your passions, you can get an opportunity that really speaks to you.

No matter if you’re enthusiastic about animals, education, or whatever else, there’s an organization in your area that could use your help!

Try a New Hobby

I started my website back in the year 2014 as an hobby. As it grew into a small business, I found it wasn’t quite the origin of anxiety relief which it once was.

Challenge yourself with new hobbies. I started making time for other hobbies which weren’t bringing any additional stress, and found it made such a significant difference!

Declutter Your Home:

A couple of years back, I started the task of decluttering my home. Then I moved from a three-bedroom house to a studio apartment and had to get rid of nearly anything I owned.

Two lessons I’ve learned from this are that mess really worries me out and that I can live with a lot less than I’d.

If you’ve got some downtime, it’s a fantastic time to start decluttering home! Start small with only one easy room and after which make your way to the strenuous rooms.

Make Plans With Friends


Getting together with buddies can also be ways a productive use of time in my book! I get so much pleasure from an evening at a friend ’s home or spending the weekend with a couple of long-distance buddies.

Call up a buddy you haven’t seen some time and get together for dinner or drinks you’ll be glad you did!

Map Out Your Five Year Plan

I know five years is a really long time, and also several of you’re probably thinking you can’t possibly map out a plan for the next five decades of your lifetime.

You don’t even need to plan everything. But having a vision of what you would like your life to look like within the next five years is a superb way of figuring out what targets you need to be setting now.

For example, maybe you or your spouse know that within the next five decades, you’ll likely discuss purchasing a home or with children. These are things that take a great deal of planning and a ton of cash!

The further in advance you plan your enormous goals, the more willing you’ll be when they actually come, and you may start setting goals now to assist you arrive there.

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Start a Project


I’m guessing most folks have likely made mental notes of projects we would love to tackle, without actually making a move to start them.

If you’ve got some downtime, now is a superb time to follow through on those things you said you had been going to do!

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Take an Online Class


I always loved school, and once I started graduating from school, instantly started looking for other ways I can keep learning.

Then, once I started internet web blogging, I started taking on-line web internet blogging classes and absolutely loved them!

There are all those on-line classes on literally any topic, both free and paid! Ability share and Creative Live are great places to take internet based classes.

How to be productive when you have nothing to do-Clean Your House

There are few things that bring me more pleasure than a perfectly clean home. Obviously, I don’t even get all of that much pleasure from the true cleaning!

But still, knowing how much I really like the end result, I love to use any downtime I have to clean the home. Dependent upon the amount of time I have, that could signify a deep clean or only a fast touch-up of the often-used areas.

Clean Out Your Inbox

My e-mail inbox can be a frightening place sometimes, and I’m guessing yours is not any different. I enjoy using a block of free time to undergo and really get rid of everything in there. This means either taking action on it, moving it into a folder or only deleting it if it turns out I don’t even need it anymore.

Unsubscribe From Emails

While you’re cleaning out your inbox, use this chance to unsubscribe from some e-mails. The majority of us get tons of marketing e-mails daily and don’t really give them much thought. We just delete them, without reading or without thinking to unsubscribe.

If you find yourself deleting every marketing email from a certain company without reading it, unsubscribe!

Update Your To-Do List


Odds are you, like many individuals, have a big running to-do listing of things you would like to get at eventually. If you’d obtained free time now, it’s a fantastic time to address it!

Right now just go through the listing and then either cross off items that are no longer applicable or find a set time on your calendar to schedule the other products.

Things are a good deal more prone to get done if they’re actually on your calendar!

how to be productive when you have nothing to do-Meditate

For many years I read about meditating as a terrific way to increase focus and handle your mind. However, naturally, I brushed it off and thought for sure it’d never work for me.

Once I finally tried it, I was so glad that I did! Meditation has really done wonders for my focus, which used to be of that great. It’s also helped me to handle my thoughts with respect to my anxiety and overthinking.

Write a Meal Plan

I love meal planning. It has helped us to save as much money on groceries, and time spent stressing about what to make for supper.

We make a meal plan every Sunday before we go buying groceries. This way, we know precisely what we will need to get to the grocery. Also, we never need to come home tired and disappointed that we still have to learn what to have for supper.

Schedule All of Your Appointments

Who else lets each of their appointments piled till you’re way drunk on all of them? Just me?

In the event that you’ve been procrastinating making an appointment to the dentist, physician, hair salon, or whatever else, use your next block of free time to eventually make those calls!

Plan Your Next Trip


Do you’ve any upcoming trips? Way too many people put off planning till the last moment, and following that really come to repent.

In the event that you’d obtained free time now, then now is an excellent time to work on these traveling itineraries so they don’t collapse till the end.

Call a Long-Distance Loved One

Things which may occur at any moment frequently happen at no time in any way, and phoning long-distance family members is among the things that frequently ends up on this list of things.

The next time you’ve got some downtime, reach out to a relative or friend you harbor ’t talked to in a while.

Back-Up Your Files

When was the last time you backed up your files? I learned a tough lesson a couple of years ago when my computer ended up in some water, and that I wasn’t able to recoup anything!

Now I diligently back up everything on my pc and my phone to ensure that never happens again!

Watch an Inspiring Ted Talk

I think we would all agree that there are several amazing TED Talks out there and that watching them is a fantastic use of time!

Clean Out Your Cabinets

How many items or products that you simply don’t actually need anymore does one have sitting during a cabinet somewhere? I’m guessing there are a lot!

I like to use occasional downtime to travel through my bathroom cabinets to urge obviate items I don’t need anymore. I also wish to undergo my fridge and kitchen cabinets to urge obviate any food that has expired.

Update Your Resume

Many folks don’t give much thought to our resume unless we’re actually applying for jobs. on the other hand when it comes time to seek out a replacement job, our resume is completely outdated!

I think it’s an excellent idea to stay your resume up regularly in order that it’s never an enormous chore to update it when you’re job hunting.

Organize Your Workspace

I’m always such a lot more productive at work once I have an organized workspace. due to that, I make time every single week to arrange my workspace. If you’ve got a couple of minutes of downtime at work, this is often an excellent thanks to spend it!

Practice Some Self-Care


Many people might think that self-care isn’t exactly a productive use of your time , but they might definitely be wrong!

First of all, anything that helps you to worry for yourself may be a great use of your time . Second, self-care looks different for everyone!

For some, it’d mean taking an opportunity from work to actually hamper and relax for each day . For others, it’d be the entire opposite!

Brush Upon An Old Skill

Learning new skills is great, but you almost certainly even have an old skill or two that would do with a touch fine-tuning.

Every once in awhile I’ll find yourself wanting to use a skill I haven’t used lately. and that i always find myself wishing I’d done a far better job of keeping it up!

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