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The Graco My Ride 65 LX is one of a few convertible seats from Graco. How can it look at against different brands and the remainder of the Graco line? Peruse on for my full survey.

Most importantly, Graco has a practically overpowering number of seats to browse. In any case, a large number of the seats are indistinguishable in development yet have little contrasts in alternatives. Here is a concise correlation of the distinctive My Ride seats:

versus My Ride 65 DLX: The My Ride LX incorporates a baby head rest just, while the DLX incorporates an addition which includes support for both the newborn child’s head and middle. The DLX costs about $20 more.

versus My Ride 70: This model is sold in Target stores as it were. As its name shows, it has a 70 pound weight limit rather than 65 pounds. As far as possible is equivalent to the My Ride 65 LX and DLX. The baby embed isn’t indistinguishable to the DLX, yet in addition underpins the head and middle. This model expenses about $40 more than the LX.

So at present, there are three decisions under the My Ride name. Since most youngsters will exceed their convertible seats in stature before weight, I don’t feel the 5 pound higher farthest point on the My Ride 70 merits the additional cash. On the off chance that you’ll be utilizing the seat with a newborn child, I would run with the DLX. If not, I think the LX I’m checking on here is the best esteem.

Security Features


The My Ride 65 has rather expansive side effect wings and is touted as having been side-sway tried.This seat doesn’t have any inventive security highlights, yet that will be normal as it costs about ½ what the higher-end rivalry does. Graco has been making seats since the late 90’s and has a decent notoriety for wellbeing. Obviously, this seat has breezed through all NHTSA wellbeing tests as required to be accessible on the US advertise.

Weight and Dimensions

Profundity: 27 inches – This estimation is a lot higher than different seats, yet simply because Graco for reasons unknown estimated the seat completely leaned back while different seats (Graco or something else) utilize an upstanding estimation. The front oriented profundity is no less than a couple of inches shorter and would be viewed as normal.


The guidance manual works superbly of clarifying wording toward the beginning of the guide. It’s at that point separated by establishment type – forward or back confronting, LATCH or safety belt. It’s a genuinely simple manual for pursue. This seat earned a 4 star by and large usability rating from the NHTSA.

The back confronting LATCH establishment is most likely the one region where this seat is dubious to introduce. Because of their situating, it very well may be difficult to achieve the LATCH belts to fix them. You may find that the safety belt establishment is simpler when introducing the seat back confronting.

The My Ride has a ball-level pointer which makes leveling the seat simpler than the straightforward printed line utilized on numerous seats.

Back Facing

This seat has a back confronting weight point of confinement of 40 pounds, which is very great. This enables youngsters to stay back confronting longer, which is obviously the most secure position.

Once more, LATCH establishment is precarious when back confronting, so I would suggest the safety belt establishment.

Front oriented

The My Ride has a weight breaking point of 65 pounds and tallness farthest point of 50 inches. These both contrast well with most seats, even those costing twice to such an extent.

The front oriented establishment system is direct, making this seat really simple to securely introduce.

Seat Adjustment

Since this seat underpins high weight and high points of confinement both forward and back confronting, it’s imperative to take a gander at what changes can be made and that it is so natural to make them.

A few seats offer different positions for the groin clasp. Tragically, the My Ride just has one position, which can make it somewhat cozy on more seasoned, heavier children.

At the shoulders, there are 5 distinct spaces for the bridle. The scope of change is great with this seat for anyplace from babies on up. You should rethread the tackle through these spaces to change the stature of the ties, dissimilar to some pricier seats that don’t require rethreading the saddle. Rethreading isn’t also tedious, however in the event that you’ll often be seating offspring of various statures in a single seat, consider the Size4Me 65.

This seat had a reviewed lock in mid 2014 because of an issue with the clasp staying. Most new seats should send with the as good as ever clasp – you can guess by whether the seat’s red clasp discharge catch is square (new plan) or round (reviewed structure). On the off chance that you end up with the old plan, you essentially need to call Graco at 1-800-345-4109 for a substitution.


Fabric and Design


There are six unique hues accessible for the My Ride 65 LX. The more brilliant “Ezra” and “Lana” hues are Wal-Mart special features, while the others are generally accessible and can be discovered somewhat less expensive at Amazon. The texture has an agreeable vibe and can be cleaned off effectively.

For greater wrecks, the whole top front of the seat is machine launderable.

Guarantee and Customer Service

This seat has a 1 year guarantee, which is standard for most kid vehicle seats.

Client administration is a territory where Graco emerges. Numerous guardians are given clients of Graco items in view of their solid and responsive help.

Life expectancy

Each vehicle situate is given a termination date by the producer, in view of the materials utilized and the date it was made. The My Ride has a 6-year termination date, which is commonplace. Numerous fresher vehicle situates in the $200+ value extend have multi year lapse dates, yet 6 years is entirely run of the mill at this cost range.


The My Ride is a sensibly valued seat. It’s an incredible esteem in case you’re searching for a seat with high weight and stature limits – there are not many choices in this value run that help as much as 65 pounds and 50″. Esteem is presumably the best motivation to pick this seat over its numerous rivals.

Included Accessories

This seat is one of only a handful few out there with two glass holders. This is incredible for keeping one beverage glass and one tidbit container for long excursions, or for different travelers to have a cupholder when there generally isn’t one.

Discretionary Accessories

Since this seat has cupholders secured, the main different extras you should think about are a movement pack, travel truck, or seat defender. Graco does not make these things, yet there are a lot of widespread items out there which will work. Despite the fact that this seat is really wide, the J.L. Childress travel sack as far as anyone knows fits it fine.


  • High weight and tallness limits
  • Lightweight situate
  • Machine launderable spread
  • Dual cupholders
  • Great esteem


  • Wide situate
  • No groin clasp changeadjustment
  • Harness must be rethreaded to adjust height

Ending Conclusion

The My Graco Ride 65 LX is one of the better qualities out there in a convertible vehicle situate. As far as possible for both stature and weight broaden the time you can utilize the seat both back confronting and front aligned. The simple establishment guarantees the seat can be utilized securely. In spite of the fact that it’s feeling the loss of the no-rethread tackle and groin lock modification found in pricier seats, it costs about portion of what Britax and other completely highlighted seats do.

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