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English Food Recipes

How to Cock English Food

Most traditional food recipes have a history. Some were passed down through generations of cook’s others were chance creations that were so well liked that they were taken by cooks up and made them classics. This section of the website is my collection of things I loved and tried and have found. You will find recipes for a British breakfast, which is a lot more than toast on the run or eggs and bacon. Soups are true soul food. They can be soothing or uplifting, invigorating or calming. They’re simple to make and may feed an audience, While Salads can turn a summertime mid-day picnic into a stylish eating experience.

Sandwiches are a great English invention that is sadly overtaken by the supermarkets. But make your own and you know the wonders of a sandwich that is good, if you eat it — tasty, warming, comforting. Dinner should be any of these and we. Puddings are an English love affair. Summer desserts are fruity light and right to be eaten outside in sunlight. And winter comes, we look for warming to baked puddings, puddings, heating crumbles and apple pie. Drinking tea can be an institution in England. And only a cuppa will not do. There is to be something together with it: a slice of cake, a biscuit, a bun or a scone.

Since the consequences of your labors are around to be enjoyed, and just jam making, pickling, and preserving are kitchen delights. While everybody can name at least 3 English beverages, what about all the others? The old fashioned thoroughly tested ones? What about mulled wine, shandygaff, claret cup, sloe gin, mead, a bowl of punch or a glass of cherry brandy? Christmas with no myriad of traditional recipes just would not be Christmas. Check out all the traditional favorites like mince pies, Christmas pudding, mulled wine, chestnut soup and more in my own Christmas food part. And lastly, there are sections for apple recipes, mincemeat recipes, asparagus dishes and recipes for of the most defamed of all veggies! Brussels Sprouts.

With time, I am certain there’ll be more. Click the images to go directly to the section you are intrigued in. Or browse to pleasure through this Tasty choice of traditional English recipes. Explore Traditional British Recipes – Traditional British recipes are a boon for some cook. They are tasty, thrifty and – mostly – not too complicated.

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