Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life


I do not know about you people, but I have got a lot of things to juggle in life. Between my full-time job, my organization, along my personal life, it is a lot. And I know a few of you’ve way over me to manage. Therefore it’d be really wonderful to be capable to simplify your life and concentrate on the things which really matter. I have made a lot of changes in the last couple of years to simplify my life, and boy am I glad I did! I’ve discovered a whole lot, so I needed to pass some of that knowledge onto you guys.

Appreciate these easy ways to simplify your life!

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Narrow Down Your Priorities:

There is a quote that says, If you do not prioritize your life, someone else will. Fundamentally, it implies that in the event that you don’t determine what is most important and the way you are going to devote your time. Someone else will find things to fill your day with. And I really find that whenever I do not have my priorities laid out. I spend a lot of my entire day doing things that are not as important to me. For example, I used to see a lot more Television – largely binge-watching shows on Netflix.

But this was a time that I might have spent growing my website. Once I actually forced myself to think about it, I believed one year later on, how could I rather have spent this hour? Which could have a larger impact on my life? Certainly spend the time on my website, not watching Netflix.

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Focus On One Big Goal:


I LOVE goal setting. Like, I get super excited in the notion of producing fresh Year resolutions for myself. The issue is, I was placing way too many goals. Whenever you decide on a goal, you are sending a signal to yourself that this is something that is actually important to you and something that is going to get a great deal of your focus.

But when you’ve put in a lot of goals, how do you know what is really important? What I’d like to do would be producing one major goal for every part of my life. Plus, when you really start breaking it down, every huge goal is going to be broken down into a ton of small goals and tasks that will even go on the to-do list.

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Use a Daily Planner:


I’ve ALWAYS used a planner. I am pretty sure I’d be lost without one! I only have a lot of things I need to keep tabs on between my blog, my full-time job, along my personal life.  Also, I am not sure how I’d maintain without a planner. If you realize that you are feeling overwhelmed by a life where things are slipping through the cracks, then consider with a daily planner! You should use anything in a physical planner to your phone program just an ordinary notebook. This way, when life gets mad, you don’t need to remember everything because you’ve it written down!

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Automate:

The one thing I have made to simplify many regions of my life would be to automate everything I can. For example, I automate tons of things in my business, so I don’t need to spend all my time keeping up with boosting my blog. I automate payments on my monthly invoices when I can. So I am not paying as much time paying invoices every month. Furthermore, when you have not heard about IFTTT, it is time to look it over! It is a site that basically allows all your devices, programs, and online accounts to talk to one another, and you may set up certain automation.
Seriously, you can automate just about anything with IFTTT!

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Get Rid of What You Don’t Need:


This one sounds like a pretty big undertaking, I know. And that is because it’s. Massively decluttering my belongings was a must for me personally, but I am so glad I was forced to do it! In 2017 I have divorced and moved from a 3 bedroom home to a studio apartment. As you can imagine, maybe not everything was going to fit. I was forced to get rid of MANY of my things. Pretty much everything I didn’t utilize super regularly. In the time it felt really overpowering, but now I feel so much milder because of getting so much fewer belongings.

Unless of course, you are in a situation like I was where you are forced to do all of it at once, you may take your time. Select one space to start with. Once you’ve completed that one and realized that it wasn’t so bad, go to the next room.

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Declutter As You Go:

Given that I have pretty completely decluttered my belongings, I like to declutter as I go. By way of example, each time I move, I use that opportunity to revisit each and everything as I am packing it to determine if I need it. Additionally, as I am cleaning my apartment, I am continuously revisiting areas that seem cluttered and asking myself what I may get rid of.

Another fantastic way to do that is seasonal with your wardrobe. Every spring, so pull out these spring and summer garments and get rid of everything you did not wear the previous summer and everything you do not think you will wear this summer – particularly if there are any items that do not fit!

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Simplify Your Wardrobe:


I am not really that into fashion, so this one is pretty easy for me. But believe me when I say that a simplified wardrobe saves a lot of time and distance on your life. Once I purged my wardrobe, I only wanted to get rid of things I did not love or wear often. And once I did this, I discovered that nearly everything I did love was either black, white, or grey. And let me tell you, it is much easier to put together outfits rapidly in the morning when my options are more limited.

I am not suggesting that everyone restrict their wardrobe to all those 3 colors because I know many people will get bored of that pretty rapidly, but at least begin by removing all of the garments you do not adore.

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Purge Your Social Media:


I think most of us find ourselves scrolling through social networks at some point. Definitely no judgment here – I do it too! But because we are not really thinking about this, we may not even notice that a whole lot of the individuals and articles popping up in our news feed, we do not really care about whatsoever.

Consider unfollowing those on the social network who is upgrading you do not really care about. This way whenever you begin scrolling through the social networks, you are more prone to see upgrades you really want to see rather than only people you glaze over because they are not important to you.

Set Social Media Boundaries:

Once you have purged your social network so you only follow the people you truly care about, you still need to set some social network bounds for yourself so you are not wasting a major chunk of your day on social media. Here is one way you might do it.

Just allow yourself to hop on social networks after you have finished a task on the to-do list. And place a five-minute timer to yourself, which means you’re only permitted to scroll till the timer goes away. You may also wish to place the boundary of not assessing social networks when you are spending time with family or friends. The majority of the time the person we are with the way is more important for us than what we may see on the social networks, but it is only something we do without thinking about it. Overall I think it is just fantastic to get in the habit of being more mindful of your time on social media.

Know how much time you are spending on it. Know why you are spending time on it.

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Reduce Screen Time:

Additionally to spending like time on social networks, try reducing your screen time in general. Including mobile phones, computers, tablets, as well as a television! I used to watch way too much television, and I am definitely way more effective now I don’t. It is a good feeling, and spending less time in front of screens will leave room for a whole lot of other stuff in your life.

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life-Unsubscribe From Emails

the majority sifting through sales and advertising emails! I love Target, but I certainly don’t at our inbox, and a significant part of that’s sifting through sales and marketing emails! I love Target, but I definitely don’t want them 25 times every day. Utilize a service like Unroll me to go through and unsubscribe from all of the emails you do not really need.

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