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Boku Superfood is a health supplement advertised to contain a number of the very potent, nutrient dense organic foods known today. According to its maker, Boku International, the formula helps support immune function and energy, improved mental focus and vitality. Boku International is a company based in California, U.S.A. Which manufactures organic nutritional products. The Organization’s portfolio now includes products like the Boku Superfood, Boku Chocolate Bars, Boku Immune Tonic, Boku Super Matcha Green Tea or the Boku Super Protein. These are claimed to be physician formulated and several of them are gluten, wheat, soybean and milk. Boku Superfood is suggested to adults that are searching for a fast, convenient means to accomplish a healthy diet.

The formulation is also Kosher certified and vegetarian, that makes it a good option for special types of consumers. Fast Overview. Boku Superfood includes a wide range of fruits, algae and vegetable extracts, also several enzymes and superb green in a formula designed to benefit mostly the immunity system, mental focus and energy. Probably the most crucial super greens contained from the formula is the young barley grass juice. Barley juice contains 4 times more calcium than milk, 22 times more iron than spinach and as much protein per oz as a steak. Additionally, the green food contains all 10 essential amino acids as well as more than 12 minerals and 13 distinct vitamins.

Barley Grass is also good supply of SOD, an essential antioxidant. Boku Superfood contains algae like Spirulina, early algae containing more protein per gram compared to any other known food. Chlorella is another powerful alga known as among the world’s strongest natural chelators. It may detoxify the body by eliminating heavy metals like lead and mercury.

boku superfood review:


Boku Superfood Ingredients. It contains the following ingredients: Super Boku greens, Boku Super Algae, Boku Superstar Maca, Boku Super Takes, Boku Super Sprouts, Boku Super Pods, Boku Super Fruit, Boku Super extras, and Boku Enzymes.

Boku Superfood Claims:

Organic, Kosher, and vegan health supplement.
The formulation contains no artificial ingredients, synthetic vitamins or fillers, soybean, milk, gluten and wheat .
Doctor formulated merchandise.
The formulation is rich in essential body nutrients, from anti-oxidants to nutritional supplements.


Precautions of Boku Superfood Use

Rather expensive formula (30 scoops, the distribution for no less than seven days and maximum 1 month may cost up to $60).
No money-back guarantee readily available for the formulation.


The way to Take Boku Superfood

Product reviews and testimonials are available for Boku Superfood on the company web site. No adverse effects or precautions are mention by the manufacturer. It is recommendable the first dosage is 1 scoop every day, a dosage that progressively increases to 4 or more litres daily. The product comes in the shape of dissoluble powder.



Boku Superfood is a dissoluble powder nutritional formula with a broad spectrum of benefits. Boku Superfood is advertise to directly favorably impact the immunity system, memory, energy and vitality levels, while also making sure the dietary needs are ensured with a healthful, vegetarian natural formulation.

The formulation has received NaturalNews Readers’ Choice Best Super Food Award. Though we couldn’t recognize any on-line consumer reviews to make an objective in evaluating the formula’s effectiveness. However, we can not deny that the formulation contains some of the most healthful green foods, veggies, fruits and algae currently available, therefore we assume that it’ll deliver on its promises.

Would you trust the science to support your brain health and wellness? We believe you can.

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