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Travel isn’t really an option right now, assuming you’re American. We know. We hate it, too. We’d much prefer to be hitting the road or getting on a plane to see some new exotic locale. But that’s just not the reality that we live in at present. We can, though, temporarily satisfy our craving for traveling by living vicariously through the best travel documentaries and shows on Netflix

There are plenty of various reasons for traveling: experience, rest, education, enjoyment, even work. The thing is, for many people, traveling is something we could scarcely do. That frequently implies that we need to live our travel dreams vicariously.

Enter the traveling Television genre, our simplest route to inspiring and aspirational escapism. No network has changed the game more lately than Netflix with regards to providing a great list of traveling shows that’ll motivate you to hit the road while scratching that wanderlust itch between trips.

However, as with virtually all genres on Netflix, there is an enormous dearth of travel-related content. Knowing where to start, which shows are worth your bing time, and in which the truly great ones lie is tough. We are here to help.

The traveling series below is the best of the best Netflix has to offer right now. We have gone ahead and ranked them. Even though, we need to point out that these rankings represent little quibbles at most. When it is on the record, it is worth your time. Let us dive in!

Best Travel Documentaries-Down to Earth with Zac Efron:


If you are searching for a brand new travel show to binge on, Down to Earth is just what you need. Zac Efron travels around the globe with wellness pro-Darin Olien to emphasize distinct sustainable methods of living. By glowing light on solutions to problems as opposed to the issues themselves, this docuseries has an overall positive message. And Zac’s bro like existence only makes it more enjoyable.

Total Episodes: 8

Best Travel Documentaries-The Chef Show:


This wonderful show all began throughout the filming of Favreau’s hit movie, Chef. Roy Choi had been brought on as a consultant for the movie and the two ended up bonding over the cooking procedure.

Through the show, the lighthearted duo travels across the country cooking with stars and famous chefs. They also showcase a wide range of tasty recipes, taking you step-by-step throughout the procedure along the way

Total Episodes: 25

Best Travel Documentaries-Street Food:


This Netflix series from the creators of Chef’s Table may explore another region each season. We start off on the streets of Asia, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, and more, to see the carts, stalls, and markets which people visit on the move, at the center of the night, or perhaps every day. Contrary to other food shows, Street Food spends every episode highlighting the intense personal connection between the foods and the individuals who make them. Immerse yourself in the sights and sounds, then pretend you are able to odor all the scents.

Total Episodes: 9

Best Travel Documentaries-Tales by Light:


All of the very potent documentary movies, in thickness magazine attributes, and stirring nonfiction works have someone to thank: The person behind the camera. Photographers are often left out of the spotlight because they’re too busy looking for the next perfect shooter (and, you know, taking it).

Stories By Light, which started as a short series from Canon and evolved into a partnership with National Geographic, introduces you to one amazing photographer in every episode and takes you along her or his next trip to catch elusive wildlife, distinctive communities, and heartfelt themes. The almost metaphysical look throughout the lens at another person looking through a lens motivates you to see the subject matter in a somewhat different light (no pun on the show’s name planned ).

Total Episodes: 18

Best Travel Documentaries-The Dawn Wall:


El Capitan in Yosemite is among the most famous climbing destinations and the Dawn Wall, so named because it’s the first thing in the valley to be lit in the morning, had never been free-climbed (the action of using gear only to shield from drops, never to help in climbing) until Tommy Caldwell and Kevin Jorgensen took it on. The documentary describes the years of instruction and every climber’s motivation for trying the world-record climb.

Total Length: 100 minutes

Best Travel Documentaries-Dark Tourist:


Cults, rituals, gangs, warzones, crime scenes, and ancient ruins. In this documentary, our host, David Farrier, travels the world in search of the dark, the devious, and the dastardly. Unlike the other attributes in this listing, this show will show an entirely new facet of tourism. Where the darkest sides of mankind are shown all over the world.

Total Episodes: 8

Best Travel Documentaries-National Parks Adventure:


The year 2016 marked the 100th anniversary of the U.S. National Parks Service, a federal program that has saved such treasures as Yellowstone and Yosemite for public usage. National Parks Adventure, an ambitious documentary by film director Greg MacGillivray and narrated by the one-and-only Robert Redford, explores the history and contemporary landscape of America’s precious natural assets. Artist Rachel Pohl, mountaineer Conrad Anker, and photographer Max Lowe lead the trip on cam from glaciers from Montana to the spectacle of Utah’s natural arches. Caution: This film will activate severe traveling attendants. Which can only be treated by planning your very own visit to a national park.

Total Length: 42 minutes

Best Travel Documentaries-Jack Whitehall: Travels with My Father:


Would you travel through foreign nations with your dad? Comedian Jake Whitehall drags his father, Michael, around on improbable adventures that force them both out of their comfort zones. Their difference in tastes triggers some fascinating (and often funny) disagreements) For example one of them needs to stay in a hostel. The other needs to stay in a five-star hotel. Who do you think wins?

Total Episodes: 13

Best Travel Documentaries-Lorena, Light-Footed Woman:

Ultrarunners and marathoners are notoriously equipment obsessed. Who doesn’t need the most recent technology in shoes, garments, and bites? Lorena Ramí, rez dollars that trend entirely. The Mexican indigenous maintains in her indigenous garb: skirts and vases.

Total length: 28 minutes

Best Travel Documentaries-The Kindness Diaries:

If you are in desperate need of something healthy And inspiring at this time, Kindness Diaries are here to provide that warm fuzzy feeling you crave. This docuseries follows host Leon Logothetis as he travels the world with only a classic motorbike as well as the kindness of strangers.

Total Episodes: 13

Best Travel Documentaries-Pedal the World:

What is more extreme than spending a whole year biking across 22 different nations? Filming yourself while you are doing it. Felix Starck’s self-made documentary of his journey may have you itching to try something similar.

Total Length: 84 minutes

Best Travel Documentaries-Don’t Crack Under Pressure:

If you consider yourself a thrill-seeker, check out this documentary following a couple of athletes from around the world. Your definition of thrill might be altered as these travelers risk their lives for it by dodging avalanches, free diving with sharks, and browsing inches over a razor-sharp coral reef. Do not Pressure crack II and Do not Crack Under Pressure III may also be seen on Netflix, where the death-defying never finishes.

Total Length: 94 minutes

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