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Once I decided to get serious about my finances, podcasts were among the first places I made for information. I love learning from podcasts since I can listen as I am driving, cleaning, or walking the dog. Through the years, I have found myself drawn to fiscal podcasts specially created for women. It is no secret that girls have very different financial goals and financial demands. Fortunately there is no shortage today of amazing personal finance podcasts made by and for girls.

Here are some of my favorites!

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-So Money:


So Money is among The OG female money podcasts, based on Farnoosh Torabi. Farnoosh got her start as a financial reporter and composed her very first personal finance book in 2008. It talks about topics which are important to girls, like in her latest book, When She Makes More, where she talks about female breadwinners.

Farnoosh started Thus Money in the year 2014 and since then, has released over 1, 000 episodes. Farnoosh does solo episodes where she answers your biggest money questions. She also interviews top authors and company owners on their financial journey and the best money advice.

She has interviewed amazing girls such as Ariana Huffington, Gretchen Rubin, and Jen Sincero.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-Clever Girls Know:


The Clever Girls was one of the earliest fund sites I really dived in when I decided to get serious about my finances. The Clever Girls founder Bola began the site after successfully saving $100, 000 in just a couple of years. And knowing that she’d to teach other women how they can conserve money too.

It Know podcast covers it all the financial education and empowerment that girls need to help them repay debt, conserve money, start growing real wealth, and meet their enormous financial goals.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-The Financial Confessions:


Though you may Not be knowledgeable about podcast “‘Financial Confessions”. You probably familiar with the firm that runs it, The Financial Diet. Creator Chelsea Fagan began The Financial Diet as a personal blog back in 2014.

Since that time, it’s grown into a fund site which publishes great content every day aimed at helping girls speak more openly and honestly about the money.

So it comes as no real It’s no surprise that Chelsea’s podcast, The Financial Confessions, is about getting sincere about money.

On the show, Chelsea sits down to speak to influencers, celebrities, and financial experts in a variety of industries to speak about all things money.

They talk about the financial secrets of different businesses. How your background influences the way you approach money, and the fiscal customs they recommend.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-The Fairer Cents:


Founders Kara and Tanja started The Fairer Cents podcast to chat about all things money as it relates to girls. Kara and Tanja are successful in their own right.

Kara is the founder of Bravely, a neighborhood that provides financial empowerment for females. Tanja wrote the book Work Optional, where she talks about her husband’s journey to premature retirement.

On the podcast, Kara and Tanja dive into some of the stickier issues around money.  They aim to serve those that have been underserved by financial media in the past. And cover issues like the wage gap and exploring how money affects relationships (and vice versa).

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-Journey to Launch:


Jamila hosted the podcast Journey to Launch.. A Licensed Financial Education Instructor that, along with her husband, is on her way to financial independence at the age of 40.

On her blog, Jamila shares the measures that she’s taken to save and invest well over $100K in just a few years. Jamila teaches her audience how to set, produce and create an actionable plan to go after their own goals.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-Afford Anything:


Afford Anything founder Paula Pant started getting serious about money in a desperate attempt to avoid spending the rest of her life working 9-5 behind a desk.

She constructed successful side hustles and saved enough money to quit her job and travel.

Since that time, Paula has turned into a successful real estate business and shares her business and financial expertise on her podcast. Paula talks about being intentional in the way you spend your money. In the long run, you can really afford anything, but not all.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-Money Girl Podcast:

In 2008 Laura Adam started the podcast The Money Girl. Like a lot of other finance bloggers and podcasters, Laura accumulated her expertise through her own personal finance journey of learning to repay debt and get on a paying spending budget.

Since that time, the show has gotten more than 40 million downloads and supplies short and sweet personal finance suggestions to girls.

Laura’s podcast episodes are easily digestible, as many of them are just fifteen minutes. Laura covers topics like paying off debt, saving for retirement, and developing positive money habits.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-She Makes Money Moves:

Glamour and iHeartRadio place the podcast She Makes Money Moves and Samantha Barry, Glamour’s editor in chief hosted it. In this 16-episode show, Barry talks about money as it relates to girls.

She speaks about topics like student debt, divorce, and consolidating financing with your significant other with financial specialists like Farnoosh Torabi and Stefanie O’Connell.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-Her-Money:

Jean Chatzky composes Her Money. She is a personal finance reporter. Like so many girls, she came to the realization that the traditional money media just wasn’t addressing the distinctive needs of girls. So she started an online site and podcast to address those demands herself.

Her Money is about improving the relationships that women have with money and leveling the playing field for financial security.

Best Personal Finance Podcasts-Mo’ Money Podcast:

Like numerous other personal finance bloggers, Jessica Moorhouse started her blog in an effort to document her very own personal fund journey and maintain herself accountable. Seven decades later, she’s a licensed financial advisor and provides training services to customers.

On her Mo Money Podcast, Jessica talks to fund experts, actors, and the authors to teach the listeners on how to assemble deal with their money. They make smarter money selections, earn more money, become debt free, and live a more fulfilled and balanced life.



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