Its access makes it easy to obtain at and from without much fuss. It is great location to stay to get more of a neighborhood and small town feel while still having the ability to see whatever you want in North Holland. My buddies who live there absolutely love it and I love visiting them. It simply feels all cozy and comfy while offering a whole lot to the visitor. In case you just have a day in Haarlem, I am so glad you are taking time to visit.

But, I really feel that to get the complete effect, two days will be great. Then you are able to take day excursions, or stay a couple of days in another city. I know a good deal of individuals foundation themselves in Amsterdam and take the day excursions, but it is just as easy from Haarlem. This brings me to my initial stage. You might want to bookmark or ditch this article to refer to later, but there is a lot of goodies here! 20 reasons to visit Haarlem.

1) Visit Haarlem is a great jumping off point to visit more of North & South Holland.
It’s excellent access to Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam. You do not need to stay in Amsterdam to have a wonderful time in the Netherlands. And yes, that is coming from somebody who lives in Amsterdam. Therefore, there you go.

2) In case you are searching for an excellent city holiday with easy access to the beach, look no further.
With an immediate path by train to the popular beach or a 30 minute bus to some more neighborhood beach, it is a fantastic mix of chances.

3) It is the capital of North Holland and is older than Amsterdam.
Should you have a good tour in any dutch town, that should be it. There is so much to learn and it is really interesting!

4) It houses the oldest museum in the Netherlands with a crazy variety of collections.
I am not a museum individual and yet the Teyler Museum really impressed me. A science geek in the heart had me swooning over the oval room. It is one of these places that you kick yourself for when you have never been and did not know about it.  Now, you do. You’re welcome.

5) Local markets are a must-do thing here. I love the Dutch markets so much and you may, too!
Head to the Grote Markt on Monday and Saturday from 9: 00 am – 4: 00 pm for an epic sight. It is so enjoyable to meander throughout the stalls. Make sure to get an original stroopwafel. Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays, and Saturdays, the Botermarkt is open too, from 9: 00 am – 4: 00 pm. Or simply pop by a neighborhood restaurant in the early mid-day and individuals see. These markets have all sorts of goods so that it is an excellent location for a treat or a souvenir!.

6)Haarlem holds a good Christmas market that is not as common as you’d think from The Netherlands is a neighbor of Germany. Check their site for specifics on dates because it is just one weekend and you would not wish to visit in December and overlook it!

7) Hofjes such as Hofje van Bakenes is a special treat for anybody who loves a bit greenery in their lives. Is it only me or can it be relaxing just being in a backyard? . Hofje only means very small garden and are typical through a gate or doorway and encompassed by homes.
They’re open for the public and free, but remember people live there so be respectful. Here is a self guided tour so you may see a few.

8) They’ve nice hotels, such as the Carlton Square resort. It is walkable to all and has a fantastic restaurant called Zocher. I have stayed there twice and had dinner in Zocher, it was a nice little getaway for us!

9) See Haarlem by the water because it is a Dutch city, which is a given. But seriously, every city you visit with water flowing through it. You may take a canal cruise with a tour boat or rent your own!

10) This city is a photograph lovers dream.
There are really old and beautiful buildings to swoon over, and it is the ideal place to take a stroll and ramble with your own thoughts. Your camera will get a workout. I hope this has inspired you to look beyond Amsterdam and find a stone from North Holland. Everybody love Haarlem, and I think you’ll, too! should you go, definitely let’s know in the comments, or send us a photo and tag us on social media. We totally LOVE when our advice is useful for you! And once you let’s know thatwe get all warm and fuzzy inside.

Furthermore, if you’ve found a wonderful location that warrants more attention, please inform us! We love exploring more and a bit farther. What I actually want to share with all of you that there’ll be beyond the one city everyone knows and loves and has, to go to. Digging a bit deeper will assist you’ve a more distinctive experience and will give you more lasting memories.

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